Scenic bike trails are a blessing

This past weekend my husband and I took advantage of a lazy and cool Sunday afternoon to ride our bikes on the Douglas Trail. We, as well as our bikes, are getting older and slower, but it doesn't matter. We enjoyed the ride anyway!

We did an abbreviated version of the trail, beginning at Douglas and riding to Pine Island and back (15 miles total). It struck me how blessed we are to have such lovely trails around Rochester. This particular stretch highlights what's great about southern Minnesota. The state trail goes through woods, open fields, and farms. We encountered foliage displaying a tinge of autumn — including goldenrod, lavender thistle, black-eyed susan, and sumac just beginning its transition to fiery red.

We rode through beautiful, lush fields of tall corn and soybeans and came upon fat, round bales of hay. We rode by horses, and cows, and even three plump, happy chickens pecking at the side of the path. As fall approaches with its cooler weather, we recommend this free opportunity to get a little exercise and enjoy nature on one of our local trails.

Sherrie and Mike Porterfield


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