SCORE's Fast Start workshop

I wrote about SCORE's Fast Startseminar (taking place today and Saturday) in Monday's paper (A sort of two-day small business MBA).

Many small business owners discover after the doors open that they don't know everything they need to know to run a successful business.

And many of those hopeful newcomers close their doors because of that lack of knowledge.

"It is really tragic," said Paul Olander, a volunteer with Rochester chapter of Score.

Score is a national organization made up of retired business men and women who have been in the trenches and have learned lessons the hard way.


Score, in Rochester and elsewhere, offers dozens of workshops each year to help small business owners or people who would like to open a business. Over the years, the Rochester group has come to recommend a core of six basic classes for anyone thinking of starting a business.

It might take months to take all six two-hour classes, and sometimes scheduling is difficult for prospective entrepreneurs. So the Rochester Score group is trying something new and offering those core six classes in a two-day business success seminar -- appropriately called Fast Start.

"So they can learn everything we know in two days. Sort of a two-day MBA," said Score President Chuck Canfield -- with a laugh.

This is a quick followup. Paul Olander wrote to me Thursday to say 26 people were registered to participate.

That sounds good. I don't like writing about small businesses not making it. I think these guys have some knowledge and insight that can help a small business be successful. Hopefully, this seminar will cut down on the closure stories I do.

I do the births of businesses and the obituaries of businesses. I think they are more interesting when they have long lives.

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