Sick of it

PHERSY:Well, I'm already sick of writing about serious stuff Feldy. So let's go in a new direction.

My favorite TV show right now is by far " Rob & Big ." It's the funniest thing I've ever seen. Your thoughts Feldy? Have I gone over the deep end? I got hooked during the first season, and I was thrilled when they brought it back for another season.

Tonight, if the Twins are tied 1-1 heading into the ninth and it's 9:30, I won't hesitate to switch over to MTV to watch Rob & Big. Sorry ...


FELDY: Well, I'm the wrong person to be asking about TV shows. My MTV-watching privileges went out the window when the 10-month-old of the house figured out that she thinks talking tomatoes, squash and cucumbers are funny (by the way, if you have kids and you've never watched Veggie Tales , check 'em out; they're far more entertaining than the big purple dinosaur)


I must admit, I've watched about 5 minutes of one "Rob and Big" episode. As far as I know, their show is no better than the country music duo "Big and Rich" or the rap music of the late "Notrious B.I.G." (though I must admit 'Going back to Cali' was in my CD player for a long time in my college days).

Either way, Phersy, I really can't blame you for turning off the Twins right now. Even when my TV is Veggie Tales-free, I have a hard time turning the Twins on.


PHERSY:Dude, comparing Rob & Big to Biggie Smalls ... that's an honor. How funny is this Feldy ... the Twins really were tied at 1 heading into the ninth last night. And I really didn't watch it.

Random thought: Check out this story of my fellow Maverick representing at the national level . Purple pride baby. I don't see any athletes from UND doing this kind of stuff Feldy.


FELDY: Heck no, it's too cold in Grand Forks to do stuff like running and leaping over a bar that's 7 feet high. And dude, don't hate UND because it can win hockey games . I'm sure your Mavs will one day make it to the national hockey tournament. One day. Keep telling yourself that. One day.



PHERSY:Dude, whatever. The Mavericks played in the NCAA tournament in 2002-03. They won the Division II national championship in 1979-80. They're really still trying to make the transition to Division I ... it's been a long process, but this is the year. And I'll be honest, I'm really bothered by the Sioux nickname. I think it should be changed to the UND Fighting Vomits. It would match their colors.

2007-08 ... Kalinski for HOBEY!!!! Purple Pride!!!

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