Specialized community needs specialized education

Rochester is a specialized community that lacks a Specialized Secondary Education System (SSES).

We are a community of too many schools in which the current education delivery system needs to change.

Our elementary, middle and high school campuses should be redesigned to the format of mini college campuses, with each location specializing in a particular course of study (such as health, science, technology, business, the arts, etc.), while continuing to meet the required courses set down by the Minnesota Department of Education.  

Our specialized community will then match our SSES by creating a learning community that excites, engages, motivates and inspires all students equally, along with preparing educators to develop each subject delivered with the goal that "Every Child Will Be A Winner."

By doing so, we will be are able to find the best of the best and create the best of the best. Rochester is a community of winners. All of our children should be afforded the opportunity to be a winner who impacts not only their community, but our nation and the world.


Let’s make education fun again for students as well as educators by starting a dialogue, making a plan, developing a fundraising program, and beginning the journey in finding and creating the best.

Linda Sheppard


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