Stop demeaning our elected officials

A recent Opinion Page captured the polarization of our need for good government. A letter proposed we act out of self-interest and use checkoff boxes to indicate where our tax dollars go.

Imagine the chaos of trying to fund our schools, complete a road project, or pay for our justice system if a popular media campaign gets all the taxpayers hot on building a new stadium and all the stadium boxes are checked. An end result would be no need for elected representatives, just administrators of the cash.

Another claims individual freedom and self-responsibility solves the irresponsibility of the "group" dependent on the big government parent.

A third letter cries socialism is here because of health care reform. The writer mourns the end of our democratic republic. The last I checked, socialism is an economic and political structure with an end result of, among others, no private property. A democratic republic is a form of representative government.

The Opinion Page also gave us a detailed article by Olmsted Count Commissioner Paul Wilson, who offered "a plan to redesign local government."


All the ideas may not be adopted, but as serious and responsibly independent adults as we are, who has time or knowledge to come up with these solutions? Instead of and demeaning government, I'm proud of the choice to elect thoughtful representatives to solve our common problems.

Catherine Ashton


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