Teamsters launch ad campaign against bill to cut state workforce

Teamsters Local 320, which describes itself as "Minnesota's Most Powerful Labor Union," is launching a massive ad campaign on Sunday targeting a bill that would reduce the state's workforce by 15 percent over the next four years.

The union plans to spend $100,000 on TV and radio ads in cities across the state — including Rochester. Dubbed the " Stop the 15% Slash" campaign , the ads warn that if the bill advances it will mean the loss of key state workers including 1,275 cops. 

To make that point, one of the newspaper ads features a burglar armed with a crowbar about to smash the window of a home. Above the picture, the ad text states "The 15% slash will cost Minnesota 1,275 cops. And some folks couldn't be happier."

The bill is sponsored by Rep. Keith Downey, R-Edina. He argues that the bill is aimed at restructuring state government. It has already cleared to House committees. It must pass the House Ways and Means Committee before heading to the House floor for a vote.

Click here to  Download Teamsters newspaper ads

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