The Australian Patient - an EnteroMedics story

The Australian Patient - an EnteroMedics story

Here's a story that I missed earlier this month in an Australian newspaper. Remember EnteroMedics? It is a company, which works with Mayo Clinic, that is working on a device that is implanted in an obese person and has a external power pack.

It zaps (Not sure if that is the technical term. Heh) the vagus nerve, which convinces the person they are not hungry. It can be adjusted and later removed, once the person if within a safe weight limit.

The FDA recently allowed the St. Paul-maker of the device to expand its clinical studies of the widget. By the way, EnteroMedics' CFO is Greg Lea. Lea is a former top exec at Pemstar in Rochester now Benchmark Electronics.

Anyway, here's some from the story:



Korena Martin, 38, shed 42kg in 12 months and Lynne Harvey, 47, lost 10kg in two years after each had a device, powered by parts worn outside the body, placed under their abdominal skin.

Ms Harvey's health has improved.

"My blood pressure is lower. I did suffer from a failing liver, that has disappeared," Ms Harvey said as Prof Toouli sought new subjects for the next trial.

Prof Toouli said the VBLOC system, developed by EnteroMedics Inc, had been free of side effects.


The Australian researchers wanted to implant the devices in 60 people - 30 each in SA and NSW - by July for the new five-year trial.

Participants must have a body mass index between 35 and 45.

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