The DMC workgroup

With Liz Baier's story is a list of who attended a working group meeting in April 2010 for what was then called Destination Medical Community . This morning I asked Mayo's DMC administrator Lisa Clarke for the list, since she referred to names in the MPR story. She indicated that she didn't refer to people by name with the reporter, didn't give her the 2010 memo and doesn't know where it came from.

I asked again for the official list. Here's what MPR is reporting , and I'll make notes at the end.

Destination Medical Community Session 1 -- Workgroup Meeting 1 -- April 26, 2010

Workgroup Participants

Jeff Korsmo--DMC Chair; executive director, Mayo Clinic Health Policy Center


Glenn Forbes--M.D.; DMC vice chair, Mayo Clinic

John Wade--DMC vice chair; president, Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce

Jessica Aguilar--Mayo Clinic

Susan Ahlquist--community relations administrator, Mayo Clinic

Ron Amodeo--director of business development, Mayo Clinic Health Solutions

Jeff Bell--section dead of illustration and design, Mayo Clinic

Audrey Betcher--Rochester Public Library

John Black--M.D.; chair, Mayo Clinic Facilities Committee


Ardell Brede--mayor, City of Rochester

Michael Brennan--M.D.; Center for Innovation

Melissa Brinkman--chair-elect, Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce

Randy Chapman--administrator, Post-Bulletin Company, LLC

Lisa Clarke--division chair, Institutional Communications, State Government Affairs and Community Relations, Mayo Clinic

Liz Dahlen--KTTC

Don DeCramer--chair, Division of Architectural/Engineering Design Services, Mayo Clinic

Norm Doty--Express Employment Personnel Services


Jon Eckhoff--executive director, Rochester Downtown Alliance

Bruce Fairchild--Hospitality 1st!; Regional Director of Operations, Sunstone Properties (then -- owner of Kahler hotel)

Julie Hansen--division chair, Mayo Clinic Finance

Mark Hayward--vice chair, Department of Facilities & Systems Support, Mayo Clinic

Brad Jones--executive Director, Rochester Convention & Visitors Bureau

Tessa Leung--owner, Sontes Restaurant

John Murphy--communications consultant, Mayo Clinic

Gary Neumann--assistant city administrator, City of Rochester


Maureen O'Brien--marketing consultant, Mayo Clinic

Lorna Ross--Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation

John Schaffner--M.D.; Gastroenterology and Hematology

Gary Smith--president, Rochester Area Economic Development, Inc.

Chris Tatting--planning services, Mayo Clinic

Guest Participants

Bob Dunn--Hammes Company

Amy Supple - Hammes Company


Sarah Carpenter--Hammes Company

(Source: Destination Medical Community, Session 1, Workgroup Meeting 1, discussion summary handout)


There are 30 names here (not including the observers at the end) and 17 are from Mayo. So we're down to 13 who represent broad-based "community" involvement.

Of those, three are city (and none are from the county), two are Chamber, there's Jon Eckhoff of RDA, Gary Smith of RAEDI and Brad Jones of CVB. That leaves five.

There's the P-B publisher and the KTTC executive...again, P-B and KTTC news were not part of this and at least in the P-B newsroom, we received zero information on DMC from the publisher.

That leaves three to represent the community more broadly, and all are business people closely aligned with the Chamber: Tessa Leung, Norm Doty and Bruce Fairchild.




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