The wrong George and REMJoy


This is becoming way too common an event.

Once again, I have to try to correct a screw-up in print with no other explanation other than, "I made a mistake."

In a item in today's print-version of Heard on the Street aboutREMJoy Medical Supply, I mention the name of the commercial Realtor who handled the deal that put the business into the Corporate Gardens offices on Second Street Southwest.

The first name is George, but I muffed the last name.


George Rowndof Braasch Commerical Real Estatehandled the deal.

Instead of Rownd, I wrote the name of another Rochester commercial Realtor named George with three consonants at the end of the last name.

Sorry about that, George Bayrd.

And George Rownd, I apologize for giving credit for one of your deals to someone else.

Here's piece from the column with the name corrected:

Saida Omarused to do sleep research, but now she is focusing on her own dream and is opening two very awake businesses in southwest Rochester. Omar is launching a medical supply operation focusing on home health care as well as a specialty transportation service for people with special needs going to doctor appointments, home from the hospital or elsewhere. In a nod to her previous vocation, she has named her new businesses — REMJoy Medical Supply and REMJoy Special Transportation Services. REM, of course, stands for rapid eye movements seen when people asleep dream. While she is experienced in the medical field, starting businesses is a new endeavor for Omar. "I'm starting completely from scratch," she said. She hopes to open both businesses later this month in Suite 200 at 2215 Second St. S.W. in the Corporate Gardens Plaza. George Rowndof Braasch Commercial Real Estatehandled the leasing deal.

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