Things are starting to go the Gophers way!

PHERSY:The Minnesota Gophers finally caught a break! It looks like they should be in good shape this weekend against Ohio State, and now it appears they might even be the favorite! The Buckeyes will be without their third-string quarterback this weekend ... I don't see how they could possibly win a game without him.

We comin!!!!!! Gopher nation ... unite!

Anyway, so the OSU third-string QB was caught "allegedly" soliciting a prostitute. Good times over there in Ohio.

Now, if only their first two QBs could get caught doing something illegal (don't rule it out) between now and Saturday, maybe the Gophers really would have a chance.

As it stands, though, I don't see the Gophers coming within three touchdowns (this may be nice) of the Buckeyes.

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