Throndson is involved with schools as an active board member

On Oct. 7, the Post-Bulletin endorsed Terry Throndson for Rochester School Board — a good choice. They have learned what values Terry has added to our school district by knowing him better.

As a business owner in Rochester and the only one of the school board, he has shown leadership, knowledge and necessary board experience. Terry has a passion for all students in all types of schools to succeed. Terry takes time away from his business and gives it to student needs in education and life skills, not only in our school district but in other districts.

Being a business owner for 38 years is difficult. Terry has survived 38 years by understanding fiscal responsibilities and bottom-line thinking, which are good business and commonsense. Business owners have to help and keep employees educated in order to be successful in business.

Terry had been working hard with other businesses, the school district, Heintz Center and Rochester Community and Technical College to bring C-Tech to a reality. He worked with Superintendent Michael Munoz to return marching bands back to all high schools. He visits not just Rochester schools but surrounding schools to be involved with students.

Terry brings unique perspectives to the board that has helped save hundreds of thousands of dollars in unneeded spending, ensuring tax dollars are spent more efficiently.


Re-elect Terry Thondson on Nov. 4.

Joel Williams


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