Throndson's background will serve Rochester well

As an engaged and informed voter, the articles in the March 2 Post-Bulletin about the Rochester City Council candidates provided great insight on the candidates' backgrounds and platforms. The voters will not only be able to select the council president but will be setting the dynamics and direction the council will take.

It is important for this community to have a diverse council with experience and knowledge in many different areas. Voters need to balance the entire council, to ensure all aspects of our community issues and concerns are given equal treatment.

The growth of Rochester infrastructure and private business over the next several years will require the council to be directly involved in the entire process.

As I look over the experience and knowledge of the present council members seeking office and the rest of the current council members, none of them have trade industry experience. I believe experience and knowledge in this area, given the private investment and tax dollars going to be spent in this community, would be first and foremost on the voter's criteria for this office.

One candidate, however, does have 37-plus years of boots-on-the-ground management and experience in the building industry that would give the council the dynamics and leadership needed.


As an informed voter, support and vote for Jan Throndson for Rochester City Council President.

Scott Smith


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