Trickle-down economics has never worked

In Ronald Reagan's time, it was called the trickle-down theory. They don't use that term anymore. Twenty years later, George Bush bought into the same Republican dogma; namely, that if you provide special tax breaks for the wealthy, then surely jobs will trickle down.

Didn't work either time.

Does anyone actually believe that a Wall Street hedge fund manager receiving a $40 million bonus is going to create jobs for anyone? CEOs of corporations will begin hiring only when demand returns. Nott a minute before. With or without tax breaks.

Trickle-down was a sham. Its primary objective wasn't to create jobs — it was meant to reward the big-money donors to the Republican Party. Plain and simple.

Now don't get me wrong. If the Republicans wish to embrace this as their policy, so be it. There's nothing illegal about it and it's their right. Just be honest! Don't try to paint lipstick on this pig and pretend it's a butterfly!


Serious about creating jobs? Let the wealthy pay their fair share again. Then use those billions of dollars to begin rebuilding America's highways, bridges, airports and railroads. Invest in clean energy. Rebuild our entire electrical grid so we don't waste 67 percent of all the energy we produce.

We invest 2 percent of our GDP on infrastructure. China invests 9 percent. There's a message if we'll just listen.

Dick Humphrey


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