Trump's trump card is trumped by U.S. law

So Donald Trump might run for president — already wielding his birther "trump" card. But his card is more like a joker.


Trump’s argument seems valid. Produce the original birth certificate and case closed. But who has theirs? The copy I have is a reprint I ordered to get a passport.


Regardless, what does it mean to be natural born? Well, I’m no attorney but it seems the law provides for even the worst case story about Obama’s birth.  



Let’s say he was born in Kenya while his mother was visiting his father’s family (plausible since Kenya had stricter travel restrictions for pregnant mothers). If so Obama was natural born according to 8 U.S.C. §1401(d) because mom was a citizen and resided in the U.S. probably her entire life. His father was not required to be a U.S. citizen.


How about him relinquishing citizenship when he lived in Indonesia? According to 8 U.S.C. §1481 he would have to be an adult with intent to relinquish citizenship. Clearly he doesn’t meet this criterion as a child.


Law also affords states the right to determine citizenship, and Hawaii says he was born there.


The only conclusion that can be drawn is Barack Obama is a natural born citizen and eligible to be President — end of story.



Sorry Mr. Trump, give it up. You're playing a joker.

Mark Graybill


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