Twins should sign Crede

PHERSY:Last week, I wrote in the PB that it wasn't worth it for the Minnesota Twins to sign third baseman Joe Crede. Well, I've changed my mind.

I’m guessing most Twins fans read the different stories from several Twin Cities media outlets regarding the Minnesota Twins and their possible negotiations with Crede.

In those stories, it was reported that Crede wanted a one-year, $5 million contract that would be loaded with incentives.


When I read that, I screamed. At first, when Crede’s name came up, I was concerned that the Twins would overspend on him because he is clearly the best available third baseman. I was thinking he’d be asking for around $8 million or more. When I heard it was $5 million, my thoughts seriously shifted.

Dear Twins ... give this guy $5 million!!! At that price, it’s barely a risk. If Crede plays and does well and he starts reaching those incentives, so what. Then you’ll get your money’s worth. If not, so what ... they’ve blown $5 million on lesser free agents.

At $5 million, all the sudden I’m upset with the Twins for doing nothing. Early in the offseason, it didn’t both me that the Twins were laying low regarding free agents and other potential offseason moves. There weren’t many great options out there, so it didn’t make sense to overspend.

Go get Crede!! Fork over the money, it's time to get a worthwhile free agent. Am I convinced Crede is that guy? Nope. But he's worth the risk at that price. Heck, on a one-year deal, there's so little risk involved.


I'm counting on Mr. Rownd to disagree with me here ... mainly because he's never agreed with me on anything. But what does everyone think about signing Crede at that price? Think about this ... he wouldn't even be making that much more than Punto!

I am definitely with George on the not trading Cuddy bit. Why in the world would you trade a guy when his value is at its lowest? Think of it as the stock market. If he comes back healthy and produces, Cuddy will be a commodity. Let's wait it out and see if he's worth keeping around.

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