Union workers understand what's at stake in business

Once again, Rep. Steve Drazkowski is bashing the unions of Minnesota (Page B3, July 4 ) for supporting the Democrats. That is true. I don't see them bringing legislation to the table, which lessens workers' rights every time I turn around.

You, Mr. Drazkowski, fail to also state who funds the Republican Party. You hold hands with the richest of the rich, trying to sell everyone on the badAmerican unions. Remember the 40-hour workweek, overtime pay and the weekend. Those things were fought for by hardworking men and women who formed unions to have their voices heard. I will fight for my collective bargaining rights because they make the playing field a little more balanced.

I do appreciate what my employer does for me, and I know what he has at stake. The first law in business is profit, Mr. Drazkowski, and nobody knows that better than the union worker.

Dave Bainter


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