University of U Kan Try My N***

09.04.08 Amanda Hansmeyer - hansUNDR0908c2 - Sam Freundschuh (left) and Chris Ellian sell a power supply to Paul Greenlun at their business, Noxem Computers, in downtown Duluth. The two, who are University of Minnesota Duluth freshmen, repair computers, custom build them and sell some used parts.

A reader called to say she was appalled by our photo choice on page A7 Monday -- a pic that moved on the Associated Press wire with a business story out of Duluth.

Check out the T-shirt...

Some questions that might be asked:

Did the Duluth News Tribune, which published the story and pic, have a concern about that T-shirt and run the pic anyway?


Did they alert AP that this might be an offensive T-shirt to some readers?

Did AP alert its customers -- us included -- in the caption?

Did the content of the photo raise an eyebrow on our copy desk?

I'll find out.

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