Vegas anybody?

FELDY: All right, since Phersy, the GBOAT (Greatest Blogger Of All Time) called me out; I better come up with something to say.

I'm still in a daze after actually watching -- in person -- that crapfest at the Metrodome on Sunday.

Speaking of the Metrodome, L.T. and the Chargers roll into town this Sunday. If you have L.T. or Antonio Gates on your fantasy teams, you can probably sit the rest of your players and still win. Gates might catch 25 passes in the game.

And, now, to explain the title of this post: The Chargers are 7-point favorites right now. Seven points. That's it. GET ME ON A PLANE TO VEGAS NOW!!! I'll put my life savings on the Chargers covering that spread, thank you. Unfortunately, doubling my life savings would leave me with about $32, give or take a couple of nickels.

But you get the point. Gamblers should be crushing that point spread right now.


And if I'm anyone associated with the Chargers, I'd feel embarassed to only be a seven-point favorite. Whoever set that line should be fired.

EDIT: I forgot to add, after watching last night's game, it's been confirmed by ESPN and Monday Night Football announcers that Brett Favre is indeed still the greatest person ever to live, and he still is apparently the only player who has fun playing the game.

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