Vote for candidates with conservative values on Nov. 4

Nov. 4 is fast approaching, and your vote counts. First, get out and vote. Second, vote for candidates who support conservatives values.

It's time for Cindy Maves as mayor of Rochester. She will be more transparent and careful with our tax dollars. She will not allow one employer in Rochester to get everything they want. She will make sure our tax dollars are spread wisely in the right places.

It's time for Anne Becker and Terry Throndson to be reinstated for school board. They will be careful with our tax dollars.

It's time for Mike McFadden as senator who can replace Al Franken, who has been a complete disaster for Minnesota.

It's time for Jeff Johnson for governor who will replace overspending radical Mark Dayton.


Breanna Bly is a great selection for the Minnesota House to replace radical overspending Tina Liebling. Kim Norton needs to be replaced along with Dave Senjem, but unfortunately Norton is running unopposed.

Nels Pierson is a great selection for Minnesota House for our values and our voice.

Mayor Ardell Brede has had his 12 years served already and according to the Rochester rules of law he can't run again, but he is. Ardell had closed door meetings with Mayo on Destination Medical Canter and with held critical information from voters on DMC. It's time he retired. Vote conservative Nov.4.

Diane Friemann


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