Voting 'yes' on marriage amendment ensures institution's protection

I agree that smaller government is better. However, even the staunchest of Republicans will agree good laws are necessary for the protection and well being of citizens. Therefore, if we want to limit the role of government in marriage, we should ascertain why government has any interest in the institution of marriage.

Government is involved in marriage to support the best environment for the raising of children. In addition, these children can only be conceived through the relationship of one man and one woman, the most stable form of this being a marriage. Natural law tells us that this complementary union of man and woman is the only way for life to be formed, and history and reason show us that children are raised best when nurtured by both a mother and a father.

By voting yes on the marriage amendment, Minnesotans can assure that the citizens of the state hold the power to uphold marriage in its true form. If the amendment fails to pass, our state may fall with Iowa, Massachusetts and California, where activist judges "redefined" the oldest institution in our culture. Reps. Kelly and Kriesel, that doesn’t sound very Republican to me.

Janet Rother


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