We are all responsible for stopping vandalism

I am disturbed by the vandalism experienced by some of my Rochester neighbors in recent weeks and months. I am referring to the vandalism of the various immigrant families in the Manor Woods Place neighborhood, the family whose home was vandalized last spring in northwest Rochester, and even the Buddhist Temple that was vandalized over a year ago.

I hang my head in sorrow and disgust that any person is being treated in such a manner. It is our responsibility as American citizens to do all we can to make this illegal, immoral, and shameful behavior by a few in our community stop.

Yes, many immigrants to our community speak languages other than English and find it challenging to learn English. Yes, many immigrants to our community look different due to their dress, adornment, or physical characteristics.

However, immigrant mothers want the same things for their children that I want for my children — safety, healthy food and water, warm clothes and good shoes, and an education.

I choose to put aside any fear I may have of someone who is "different." I choose to approach each person with the belief that our desires for our families are, if not exactly the same, remarkably similar.


Can we all start at this common point of understanding so that ALL of our children experience the benefit of hope and love? To the people who did these nasty deeds I say: Stop hurting my friends and neighbors!

Melissa Eagle Uhlmann


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