We must narrow school spending disparity

Did I read it correctly? Rochester receives $470 per pupil in our schools,

according to what the Post-Bulletin reported. And the state average is $748 per

pupil? Why do we lag so far behind the state average? What am I missing


I am shocked and disappointed to learn of this disparity. I moved to Minnesota just


about five years ago as a retiree. I have come to enjoy what Rochester has to

offer, including the Mayo Clinic, the art center, theater, IBM, the new UM-R,

friendly neighborhoods, many parks, and many other things. What proud

traditions this city boasts!

However, I feel we are hurting our students by providing a low per pupil

amount to our schools for the education of our young people. They are the

future of Rochester, of our state, of our country. We cannot afford to short

change their education! Although I am on a fixed income, I support an


increase in school funding. If it is not forthcoming from the state, we as

a city must step up and provide the quality education that befits our city.

Ellyn L. Wiens


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