Week 3 HS football picks

PHERSY:Well Feldy, it was a good thing we didn't pick the Mayo-JM game, because I'm sure we would have both gone the other way on that one. Crazy things happen in rivalry games!

Anyway, here are my picks for this week Feldy. I'll be interested to see yours, as there are some good games in here:

Century 22, Owatonna 13:I think Century figured things out last week. Owatonna is huge, but that doesn't mean they can catch Leon Clark.

Rushford-Peterson 30, Southland 25:Size does matter in this game. R-P is huge. Plus I have to stick with my wrestlers, and Parker Brand is one of the best.

Winona Cotter 28, Stewartville 27:To me, this was the toughest game to pick. The weather doesn't sound like it's going to be great, which means Cotter's passing attack could be slowed. But I still think Cotter pulls one out on the road.


Mabel-Canton 41, Houston 28:Never bet against Karl Urbaniak. Never!

Dover-Eyota 20, St. Charles 13:The St. Charles defense is tough, but D-E will prevail.

* * *

FELDY: I didn't put the Mayo-JM game in the picks list this week because I'm trying to avoid teams Phersy and I cover (I cover Mayo, he covers Austin High). Both of our games would've been good to pick, though, as Mayo was stunned by JM, and Austin plays Winona this week. Hats off to JM, the Rockets figured out the blueprint to beat Mayo -- contain Mario Butler and control the clock with a mix of a short passing game and some running.

Like last week, Phersy, I agree with you on almost all of these, but it's no fun if we pick all five games the same. Plus, I haven't seen any of these teams play yet, so my picks are based off of past scores and stats.

Century 28, Owatonna 25: Owatonna is not a team to take lightly, as evidenced by their thumping of JM a few weeks ago, but I think Century has things rolling and it's on their home field.

Rushford-Peterson 33, Southland 16: R-P isn't the No. 1 ranked team in the state for no reason. This is nothing against Southland, but R-P is just too big and strong for many teams in the area.

Stewartville 34, Winona Cotter 31: It's hard to pick against the Ramblers, with their tremendous passing attack, but I went against Stewy last week and they proved me wrong. The Tigers get a TD in the final two minutes to win.


Mabel-Canton 36, Houston 28: Phersy says never bet against Karl Urbaniak, so I'll listen. Plus, Karl is a Minot (N.D.) State University grad, and I covered MSU football for a couple years while working in Minot (no, not while Karl was playing).

Dover-Eyota 19, St. Charles 14: These teams have both lost to Caledonia, and shut out Chatfield and Kingsland. Give the home-field edge to D-E.

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