What are they drinking in Detroit? A current Packer in trouble with the law, and a former Viking to the Packers?

Posted by: Feldy

Thoughts of overachieving in Detroit, and other footnotes from the NFC North:

Looks like the idea of finally having a mediocre team has gone to the Detroit Lions' heads.

Check out this post from Lions beat reporter Nicholas Cotsonika in his blog ... QB Jon Kitna says the Lions will win 10 games. WR Mike Furrey says they'll win 10-12 games. Apparently Jon Kitna doesn't realize the Lions' QB is Jon Kitna.

This is the same Lions team that went 3-13 last year, and as Cotsonika points out, is 24-72 since Matt Millen took over as GM.



Packers LB Nick Barnett proves that Vikings and Bears aren't the only troublemakers in the division .

And from the I-didn't-realize-this-guy-was-still-around department: Former Vikings punter Mitch Berger may hook on with the Packers. Looks like they'll need to stock up on Snickers in Packerland .

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