'Whatever you do, don't drop Charlie Brown'

More on the funnies, unedited:

I see in your blog that people are sending in their thoughts on the Comics in the daily paper so here are mine. Pete Keepers: Blondie – Traditional but kept current Zits – Every parent and grandparent can relate Pickles – Every Senior can relate Family Circus – Tradition youngsters can understand Marmaduke – Animals & Youngsters can understand Tossup: Baby Blues - Read occasionally Red & Rover – Read but not a must Dilbert – Read but not always funny Wizard of ID – Read but better than the drop group Frank & Ernest – Read but not a must Garfield – Read but not always funny Sally Forth – Read but getting stale Drop: Peanuts – It’s time has come but still enjoy Luane – Never read Get Fuzzy – Never read Pearls Before Swine – Never read Doonesbury – Never read For Better or Worse – Never read

Soup Stone – Never read


Whatever you do, don't drop Charlie Brown. That strip is timeless and will always be current. And it's funny.
Another timeless and funny strip would be Calvin and Hobbes and is actually a comic.
Pearls Before Swine-Drop it, it has never been funny and most strips tangentially involve murder and mayhem.
Get Fuzzy-A loser from day one.
Garfield-Would not be missed.
Marmaduke-Ridiculous and unfunny. How many Great Dane readers are there?
Sally Forth-I wouldn't miss that either.
Harlan L. LeCuyer, Rochester



Mr Furst, I like Blondie Garfield Pickles Peanuts Family Hagar The Horible Beatle Baily  And The Katzen jamer Kids would be nice... I am 78 years old.


Dear Jay,
Thanks for asking for opinions regarding comics in the PB.
May i suggest:
eliminate Peanuts, For Better or For Worse, Stone Soup, Sally Forth, Luann, and Marmaduke.
Keep Get Fuzzy
Keep Garfield
Bring back Mutts
Take a look at a comic called Drabble

Bill and Peggy Marshall



Please, please keep "Peanuts" and "Garfield".


Cartoons do not "go stale" - they are either good, or NOT good. "Newer" does not equate with "Better".

I grew up reading these 2 comics, and now my KIDS read them, and love them.  We are currently reading my 1981 Garfield comic strip book at bedtime, I kid you not.  They are not "stale".

Please feel free to drop any of:

Get Fuzzy
Baby Blues
Sally Forth
Stone Soup


Dave Harker
speaking for Ben and Alex Harker as well...


Well, I’m sure you are getting lots of mail on this one.  Let me weigh in. You need to get rid of Marmaduke.  It’s a one joke strip, and the joke is ooooold.  I get it.  He’s a big dog.  Get rid of Family Circus.  Not funny.  Really dated.  Frank and Ernest is also showing its age.  You are right about Garfield too.  Dump it.


You are off base about Get Fuzzy.  It is still a great comic and very original in its style and humor.  Likewise, Peanuts is untouchable.  It’s not the comics without it, and it’s a testament to Schulz’s genius that it is still so relevant today.  Look at today’s.  He studied for the test by wearing a copper bracelet.  A copper bracelet!

What to put in.  I will tell you I read the strib too, so I only know other comics from there.  The best new ones are F-Minus and Cul-de-Sac.  F-minus is genius humor drawn in such a great simple style.  I have been monitoring when I actually literally laugh at the comics and that one is one of the only comics I really laugh at.  Cul-de-Sac is also great humor, weird characters and really well drawn.  I know it looks primitive but its really brilliant. 

I’ll also put in a plug for Rip Haywire which is a new adventure comic that is funny and very well drawn.  It brings a little sex appeal to the comics page. 

I also really enjoy Violet Days which runs in the strib once a week.  It’s offbeat, very well drawn with a minnesota connection. 

That’s my $.02. 






Jay :
     At this point of the 19 strips you run on a daily basis I only read 8 of them : For Better or for Worse, Blondie, Pickles, Stone Soup, Wizard of Id, Zits, Dilbert, and Baby Blues.  Any of the rest of them are replaceable as far as I am concerned.  Here are some that you might consider as replacements : Rose is Rose, Beetle Bailey, Hagar the Horrible, and Alley Oop.


Jay, I heard a interview on NPR with the Cathy that writes "Cathy." Amazing story. As to comics, you can deep-six Dilbert, Peanuts, Garfield, Pearls Before Swine, and Get Fuzzy. I especially like the puns in "Frank and Ernest, especially the Malaprops. Pickles is just too close to home (That's good!) The comics are.a favorite way to relax. I get enough news on the Internet and NPR so the comics, Answer Man, and Punchline" fill a quiet spot in my day.

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