What's the story with Lowe's?

Lowe's countdown

I keep hearing stuff – as probably a lot of you have – about Lowe's, the home improvement store in south Rochester. So I called the manager.

Here's the result:

A new local home improvement store is humming along, despite a rumor hammering around the community.

"The store is doing very well," says Nick Loy, manager of Lowe’s in Rochester’s Shoppes on Maine development.


Don’t believe the often-repeated comments about Lowe’s struggling, he says.

So the newly-built store that opened in June is not closing?

"Absolutely not," says Loy. "The store is meeting operating goals and budgets. And now we are coming into what is our ‘Christmas’ season (for home improvement.)"

The 117,00-square-foot store has about 120 people on staff.

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