Who might benefit from DMC?

You might be interested in who's listed as being "involved" with DMC. No real surprises here, but as you read through this list and think about how they may or may not benefit down the road, one that jumps out at me is University of Minnesota Rochester. UMR has always been discussed as part of DMC and has been a booster, but now that we're talking big, real dollars, the ways in in which UMR might benefit become more obvious, at least to armchair analysts.

Who is involved with the DMC initiative?

A: In order for the DMC vision to become a reality, many players must work together toward this common goal. These critical players include the City of Rochester and Mayo Clinic, but extend to other key community organizations, county and regional leaders, and state leaders as well. Only by working together will we realize the significant benefits offered by the DMC. Key players include:

 City of Rochester

 Community Asset Inventory Group


 Hospitality 1st


 Mayo Clinic

 Minnesota Chamber of Commerce

 Olmsted County

 Rochester Area Economic Development, Inc. (RAEDI)

 Rochester Area Foundation

 Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce


 Rochester Arts Council

 Rochester Convention and Visitors Bureau

 Rochester Downtown Alliance

 Rochester Downtown Master Planning Group

 Rochester International Airport Board

 Rochester Sales Tax Committee

 State of Minnesota

 University of Minnesota Rochester

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