'You are so LEFT WING it's enough to make me want to puke'

'You are so LEFT WING it's enough to make me want to puke'
'You are so LEFT WING it's enough to make me want to puke'

This unedited reader comment to the Answer Man may induce nausea:

Stick to something you know a little bit about. You are so LEFT WING it's enough to make me want to puke. Quit going to the most liberal sources for your tainted information. If you are half as brilliant as you think you are, you wouldn't print BS like you did in Thursdays paper. Let me ask you. Who is going to pay the debt you Libs are ringing up? (230 billion in Feb. alone)

Robert B., Rochester

Here's the Answer Man's daily column from Thursday. You be the judge whether it's too partisan:


Dear Answer Man, as always, I come to you for the truth: I've heard it both ways, that Gov. Walker of Wisconsin DID say during his campaign last year that he'd do away with public employee unions and that he DID NOT talk about it. Which one is correct? — Mike

The record is pretty clear: Scott Walker DID NOT make rolling back collective bargaining rights for most state workers a campaign issue.

The Republican governor has said emphatically, "The simple matter is, I campaigned on this all throughout the election," but in fact, according to various impartial news sources, he never even whispered about it in public.

"Walker certainly campaigned on the broad idea of getting health and pension concessions from public workers," according to a column in U.S. News , "but he never broached the idea of rolling back their collective bargaining rights."

U.S. News attributes the fact-checking to , the Pulitzer Prize-winning website hosted by the St. Petersburg Times, but other news sources also have looked at the clips and tapes of the 2010 campaign and can't find even a passing reference to Walker saying he planned to take away collective bargaining rights for most state workers.

That's part of the disconnect that has turned the state politically upside down since Walker and the GOP leadership in Madison started down this path.

The primary source cited here -- -- is genuinely apolitical. Take a look at the site. It nails politicians of every stripe, from President Obama on down. The columnist in U.S. News, as far as I can tell, is more partisan, but he was simply the messenger -- as was the Answer Man.

Here's the response to Robert:


Good morning. Was something incorrect in that column? Did Gov. Walker campaign on this issue?

Haven't heard back from Robert.

When you're dealing with a subject that's inherently political, such as the Wisconsin budget debate, the answer is likely to have some political overtones that make people like Robert want to vomit.

The truth is, Walker didn't campaign on the issue. Does it matter? That's for people in Wisconsin to decide. The Answer Man was asked a question and he got the answer.

If you have even one tiny piece of evidence that Walker mentioned rolling back the collective bargaining rights of public employees, whether at a campaign rally, in a letter to the editor or whatever, send it along. That won't mean he "campaigned on the issue," but it would be interesting for the historical record.


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