Welcome to Rochester in Color.

This is our platform--your platform, really--to close the communication gaps within our minority communities. Not only do we want to be a good source of information, we also want to hear from our minority communities. For those who don’t have a way to get the most updated information concerning the communities they live and work in, this is for you.

The Key Collaborators

Rochester in Color is a partnership between Barbershop & Social Services and the Post Bulletin.

Barbershop & Social Services is a community-focused 501c3 organization that helps give minorities a voice and other resources that are lacking in many minority communities. And at the Post Bulletin, we believe equality is a basic human right. We strongly condemn all forms of racism and prejudice.

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Our goal is to be at the forefront of positive change in our community, and to weave together the fabric of our community by building awareness of our similarities and our differences. We believe we can help make change by utilizing the power of our brands to drive change and increase awareness and connectivity in our community.

What Do We Want To Do?

We want to focus on Community Outreach

  • We’re hoping to fund a full-time social worker, someone who will work with folks in the minority communities who might not have access to counseling and other services through Barbershop & Social Services

  • Support the growth of Barbershop Talks and community conversations

We want to Build Bridges

  • Highlight Black and minority-owned businesses

  • Provide timely access to information to Rochester In Color

  • Encourage dialogue to develop greater understanding

We want to Raise Awareness

  • Monthly profile of local minority role model

  • Shine a positive light on the value of diversity in the community

  • Online magazine (Rochester In Color) curated and written by minority writers

  • E-newsletter featuring content from Rochester In Color

We want to Create a pipeline of Diverse Voices

  • Develop a pool of local minority writers

  • Sponsor articles written by local minority writers

  • Establish an internship for a local minority writer

Why Now?

With the recent unrest in Minneapolis and around the world after the murder of George Floyd, and the many questions about the COVID-19 vaccine in the minority communities, we decided to look to ourselves and our community for change.

To further our efforts in diversity, inclusion, information sharing, and outreach the Post Bulletin and Barbershop & Social Services are joining forces and we hope you will see the vision and come alongside us--as a supporter, reader, or sponsor--in this important mission.

What can we do? We’d love to hear from folks like you. Contact us at rochesterincolor@postbulletin.com.