One of the goals of Rochester in Color is to help reduce the barriers to information that prevent access to community services and opportunities. This includes providing timely content by and for the Black and minority members of our community with a wide variety of voices. And we’ve partnered with the Post Bulletin and Forum’s network of news to include free access to Rochester in Color to those readers who need help to reduce the financial barriers to information.

Minority community members often face systemic, economic and cultural barriers to information, which can reduce access to community services and opportunities. As a social worker and youth mentor, Andre Crockett, Sr has worked with minority community members that could have benefitted from opportunities that were available to them, but they never found out about them or found out about them too late, and the opportunity was no longer available.

For some community members $10 a month for a news subscription would be a struggle. Community support and investment are needed to help overcome these barriers and provide additional community services. Rochester Area Foundation and Mayo Clinic are collaborating with Rochester in Color and the Post Bulletin to help ease the financial barrier by working with Barbershop and Social Services to sponsor online access to news.

“Building better communities for all is the vision that guides the work of Rochester Area Foundation,” said Rochester Area Foundation President, Jennifer Woodford. “Providing greater access to local news and information through our partnership with Barbershop and Social Services and the Post Bulletin will strengthen communication channels with a broader audience in our community which is extremely important.”

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