We're always looking for people who make a difference in our community. Especially when that person is a young adult. Especially when that person is part of a group that donates a record of 35,243 items. Especially when that person is nominated by a well-respected educator.

Reese Rutherford checks all those boxes.

Here's a quick story of Reese, from Erin Vasquez, the John Marshall High School Community Schools Site Facilitator.

"If you are looking for a student who is a champion for her community, you will find one such super star in John Marshall junior, Reese Rutherford!

When Reese sees a need, she strives to find a way to address it. And, so far, no challenge has been too great for her.

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Her most recent milestone was to champion, along with two fellow classmates, a local Her Drive. A Her Drive is focused on collecting and distributing feminine hygiene products, bras, and cleansing items. Reese and her partners set a record of 35,243 items, including 862 bras and underwear, 25,464 menstrual care products, and 8,917 general hygiene items!

In addition to this, Reese is instrumental in sharing student voices related to Community School initiatives, carrying out plans, and keeping the Rocket Community Room up and running.

Reese serves on our Community School Leadership Team and has given her input on many new ideas ... including one that is happening right now--the installation of a student washer and dryer on-site at JM. She serves on our JM Community Schools social media team and helps to maintain our Instagram site (ROCKETCOMMROOM). Additionally, she participates in many leadership roles through Community Schools, as well as the greater Rochester community. And lastly, she has volunteered to come in during her lunch and open hours during Distance Learning to help maintain the Rocket Community Room.

I tease Reese that I dread the day she graduates because she is my right-hand-girl in all things related to Community Schools."