When you look at me what is it that you see? Is it the thoughts of my past, the future you would prefer to have, or could it possibly be the present I am honoring. My skin, my face, and my demeanor is just a part. To find the real me you must open your eyes search into mine and locate my heart. The passage way into my soul. The place where you can understand what makes me laugh, cry, and even lose control. The difference from my yesterday that shows up today. My today that makes room for a better tomorrow.

Truth be told when you look at me I already know what you see. The things you can't handle, the things you fear, or maybe your disapproval of what I choose to be. The things that make me different from you that you dislike, but I've grown to love. What ever it may be don't look at me and see the changes you would make, as though I am a rough draft or a product of a mistake. When you see me you see a true beginning subjecting you to an end, of what once was that should have never been. Today I stand in confrontation don't dare try and look past me. Today I show you who I am. I'm not your thoughts, fears, nor a person under your command. My skin prided in a belief. My posture that sets me free. The attitude and knowledge I possess that says you could never be me. For I am a product of trials, lessons, and visions. Never an expression of your mistakes or prideful harsh conditions. See me for I am here to stay. The skin I'm in represents courage, strength and beauty within. I'll tell you what I see when I look at me. Power in abilities, a better man from lessons learned, the greatness of real love, the god that resides in me. Those are the things I see when I look at me.

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