Accustomed to asking the questions, NewsMD health reporter Viv Williams found out what it is like to be on the other side of the table this week as she answered our questions on what motivated her to move to Rochester and why healthcare literacy is so important.

Originally from Williamsport, Penn., home of the Little League World Series, Williams was the youngest of three. While one sister stayed in Pennsylvania and the other moved to Rochester to pursue a medical career, Williams chose the bright lights and big city life of Boston and New York City before making Rochester her home.

Williams' career as a news anchor for Mayo Clinic News sparked her interest in healthcare literacy and a passion for breaking down barriers to credible and easy-to-understand health information.

The need for everyday news-you-can-use health information hit close to home when her elderly mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Although knowledgeable about healthcare, and with their minds reeling following their mother’s diagnosis, neither Williams nor her physician-sister knew what steps their mother should take next.

If those in the healthcare system have difficulty navigating, how does the average person know what to do? Williams is on a mission to help others in similar situations, who do not even know where to start or what questions to ask. Williams now hosts podcasts and videos with research-based information from top experts in fields such as cancer, diabetes, and disparities in healthcare.

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Williams shared what she learned from a leading expert in healthcare disparities and what can be done to close the gap in healthcare in the minority community and Ken Henry shares how his family continues to be directly impacted by lack of trust in the healthcare system on our podcast, The Other Side of the Table, Season 2, episode #1 Viv Williams.