'I was near a diabetic coma'

I discuss the details in episode six of this week's "Wisdom with Charlie" podcast.

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Charlie Perkins.
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Many of you are aware of my challenges with diabetes last year. I was hospitalized in March after spending two days in intensive care. I was near a diabetic coma.

I discuss the details in episode six of this week's "Wisdom with Charlie" podcast. The good news is, I’ve lost 90 pounds to date and in the best health of my adult life. I’ve been able to help many people as I share my story. Some have suggested I start a diabetes discussion group.

It hasn’t been easy, but the journey has been rewarding. Reach out to me if you’re interested in discussing my path. Diabetes care is a lifelong responsibility. Here are 5 ways to take an active role in diabetes care and enjoy a healthier future.

1. Make a commitment to managing your diabetes.

Make healthy eating and physical activity part of your daily routine. Maintain a healthy weight. Monitor your blood sugar and follow your doctor's instructions for managing your blood sugar level. Take your medications as directed by your doctor


2. Don't smoke

Smoking increases your risk of Type 2 diabetes and the risk of various diabetes complications, such as heart, eye and kidney disease, stroke, and nerve damage.

3. Keep your blood pressure and cholesterol under control

High blood pressure can damage your blood vessels. High cholesterol is a concern, too, since the damage is often worse and more rapid when you have diabetes. Eating a healthy, reduced-fat diet and exercising regularly can go a long way toward controlling high blood pressure and cholesterol.

4. Schedule regular physicals and eye exams

Schedule two to four diabetes checkups a year, in addition to your yearly physical and routine eye exams. Your eye care specialist will check for signs of retinal damage, cataracts, and glaucoma.

5. Keep your vaccines up to date

Diabetes makes it more likely you'll get certain illnesses. Routine vaccines can help prevent them.


Stay positive. Diabetes care is within your control.

Get more tips in today's "Wisdom with Charlie" podcast.

About Charlie Perkins

Charlie Perkins is an author, musician, photographer, and videographer based in Rochester. The Chicago-bred Perkins attended Northwestern University concentrating on Radio, TV Broadcasting, and Interpersonal Communications. He spent 29 years at Harris Bank in Chicago and taught “Principles of Corporate Television” Columbia College in the same city. He has also spent 17 years as Unit Manager, Media Support Services for the Mayo Clinic. In a previous life, he covered the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan’s championship run, ’96-‘98 as a freelance photographer.

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