'I'm bringing more traditional 'Southern' or comfort food taste to where we live'

Get to Know… Michelle Clark.

Michelle Clark.

Are you originally from the Rochester area? If not, what led you here?

I am not originally from the Rochester area. I once resided here 20 years ago, due to lack of transportation and daycare I found [the bigger] cities to be more accessible.

I relocated here in 2020 to begin my food business. Due to Covid my career as a catering manager for 16-plus years had ended. Rochester was a great place to rebuild with the support of family and bring something to the area that has not been done. 

What do you like best about Rochester?

What I like most about Rochester is that the opportunities for families,safety, schools, better jobs, programs, and cost of living was much cheaper than the city area. Also, who doesn’t want to receive care at the greatest clinic in the world, Mayo Clinic? Rochester is always growing and expanding with new opportunities, and seems to be good place to start a brand-new business.


What changes do you think still need to be made?

What I am doing with food, is trying to bring more traditional “Southern” or comfort food taste to where we live. Though Rochester offers plenty of diversity, I still travel for traditional foods, clothing, and hair salons of my culture. The cooking style I provide we don’t have here, so I want to bring it here. We need more groups of diverse atmosphere brainstorming and building on our diverse needs with the support of their town to do so.

What do you do for a living? Why did you choose that for your career?

Currently, I am self-employed. I managed and helped build companies for over 30 years. My passion has always been cooking, and after many years of serving, Covid hit. Now, I feel it's time to step out on faith, build my vision of owning my own commercial kitchen, and create generational wealth. 

What one piece of advice would you give someone looking to pursue the same career?

Do your homework, know the research, and be sure to have consulted with all legal standpoints. There's' so much that is important and required when becoming a business owner, especially with food. You want to protect all that’s put into becoming licensed and open, but most importantly your customers. 

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment and what has been your greatest challenge you've had to overcome?

My greatest accomplishment thus far has been working for myself now and becoming licensed. It has truly been a step out of faith. Though all the obstacles and barriers I still face of finding a commercial kitchen right for the business, I have not given up. The right place will come soon. Location is everything. 


What is one thing most people don't know about you?

One thing most people don’t know about me is probably how mildly OCD I can be. My customers will never know it cause my face will never show it.

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