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Rewrite your own history

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Charlie Perkins.
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Do you know what the greatest secret of history is? It is that history can be changed.

And, yes, yes, I know, everyone says history cannot be changed, but it can. History is not just something that goes backward, history goes forward, too. And all those wonderful things that have not happened yet, that is history just waiting to be written.

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Pavitra Kumar is preparing to open Nana Gogo Toybrary to offer parents of children 5 and younger a chance to play with and take home toys without needing to buy them. She hopes to open the member service in northwest Rochester by late summer.
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Signs recently went up for Opa!, a Greek restaurant franchise, at 20 First Ave. SW on downtown Rochester’s Peace Plaza. That’s the former Jerk King/ Mac's space.
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Olmsted Medical Center is moving its marketing and communications department out of its Elton Hills Rehab Services center at 102 Elton Hills Drive NW.

The idea that youth is wasted on the young. Wrong. Martin Luther King, Jr., Amelia Earhart, the Wright Brothers, and the creators of Superman were all under 30 when they wrote themselves into history.

So how do you change history? I encourage you to dream big, work hard and stay humble.

What would make your life more satisfying and meaningful? Dream big by choosing how you want to live your life. That’s a big deal. Once you discover what that is, you can start the journey towards achieving it.


Let’s replace what we’ve settled for with what we’ve longed for. Find ambitions worthy of our time and the effort it will take to pursue them.

I think we all know the meaning of working hard. I’ll simply encourage you to be prepared to fail and that you must not be afraid of failure. It’s important to remember that our failures are there to teach us lessons that can help us pick ourselves up, and keep moving forward.

Being humble is one of the most modest characteristics that any person can have within themselves. The word "humble" simply means having or showing a low estimate of one’s importance.

In essence, when people are telling you how great you are in whatever area you’re in, you choose to not give yourself all the credit. Let your humility be your drive and your accomplishments your impact. Write your story and change your history.

Learn how to change history in this week's "Wisdom With Charlie" podcast.

About Charlie Perkins

Charlie Perkins is an author, musician, photographer, and videographer based in Rochester. The Chicago-bred Perkins attended Northwestern University concentrating on Radio, TV Broadcasting, and Interpersonal Communications. He spent 29 years at Harris Bank in Chicago and taught “Principles of Corporate Television” Columbia College in the same city. He has also spent 17 years as Unit Manager, Media Support Services for the Mayo Clinic. In a previous life, he covered the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan’s championship run, ’96-‘98 as a freelance photographer.

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