The power of encouragement

Four key steps to giving a motivational boost to others can lead to a beautiful cycle of success.

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Charlie Perkins.
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Think about how good it feels to encourage someone to do something. And I don’t mean just affirmatively stating “yeah, go ahead” but digging in and encouraging someone who, at the time, is, well, discouraged.

If you can’t remember what that feels like, perhaps it’s been too long, or maybe you just haven’t been presented with the opportunity. Or maybe, and I’m guilty of this myself, perhaps you aren’t looking hard enough for opportunities to encourage. The point is, that we all have areas of our lives where we wish we could be better. Some of those areas are known and noticeable, but others are sitting just beneath the surface hidden and out of sight.

Here are four important benefits of encouragement:

Invigoration: Very few things are easy. Twists and turns, unforeseen hurdles, etc. Almost everything we set out to do can, and most likely will be stymied by challenges big and small. Give your goals a fresh set of eyes, and open yourself up to advice and encouragement from others.

Confidence: Think about what happens when you get discouraged. A loss of hope; a drained spirit. Discouragement is the best way of describing a loss of confidence.


Guidance: Encouragement is more than a set of positive words. It’s guidance and feedback. The best encouragement comes from those who are “qualified” to be passing it along.

Accomplishment: Let’s not forget the end goal here. You encourage someone to keep going with something so that they ultimately reach their goal and accomplish whatever it is they set out to do.

Is it that far-fetched to see how encouragement can change the world? Round and round we go, right? Encouragement leads to confidence, which leads to action, which leads to accomplishment, which branches off to more encouragement, and so on. So here is my challenge: Encourage someone to do something today.

About Charlie Perkins

Charlie Perkins is an author, musician, photographer, and videographer based in Rochester. The Chicago-bred Perkins attended Northwestern University concentrating on Radio, TV Broadcasting, and Interpersonal Communications. He spent 29 years at Harris Bank in Chicago and taught “Principles of Corporate Television” Columbia College in the same city. He has also spent 17 years as Unit Manager, Media Support Services for the Mayo Clinic. In a previous life, he covered the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan’s championship run, ’96-‘98 as a freelance photographer.

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