10 (or so) questions with

10 (or so) questions with
Travis Wiuff, professional mixed martial arts fighter (2009).

"Sweet" Lou Dunbar,famous Harlem Globetrotter who was visiting the Mayo Civic Center in 2004.

Rochester Magazine:What’s up with the guys on the New York Nationals [the Globetrotters regular opponent]? I mean come on. It seems like one of them gets his pants pulled down in every game, yet they’re always wearing embarrassing underpants.

LD:I don’t know about their underwear. I’m guessing they shop at bad places for their underwear.

RM:I’ve lost a lot of money on those guys over the years.


LD:That’s like Krusty the Clown in that Simpson’s episode. They ask him why he kept betting on the Washington Generals and he said "They were due, man. They were due."

RM:Can you whistle "Sweet Georgia Brown"? LD: [whistling]. Man, you can never forget that tune. RM: Here’s me [whistling].

LD:Man, that is terrible. Don’t give up your day job. I mean, man, that’s really terrible.

RM:Sorry. I really don’t know how to whistle.

Donny Osmond,who was performing at the Mayo Civic Center in 2005.

RM:Do you accept the judges’ decision that you lost your boxing match with Danny Bonaduce [in a Chicago gym in 1994]? I talked to at least one person who said you won that fight.


RM:Are you still racing cars? I saw you win a celebrity Toyota race a few years back.


DO:Haven’t in a while. Did you know I won that race? Let’s see Bonaduce do that!

RM:Agree or disagree: You like romance novels about pirates.



TW:What do you mean, ‘Really’?

RM:I just thought you might.

TW:I don’t.

RM:OK, I’m going to give you one of the cheesy psych tests I give people. I’ll tell you what your answers represent later.


TW:I’m a little scared of this.

RM:Name your favorite animal and give me three words to describe it.

TW:My favorite animal is the Mastiff dog. It’s intimidating, large, and a loner.

RM:Same thing with your favorite color.

TW:Black. It’s neutral. It’s like Johnny Cash—the "Man in Black." It’s a little scary.

RM:You’re in a white room. All alone. No windows or doors. How do you feel?

TW:Comfortable, sleepy, lonely.

RM:OK. The animal is supposed to represent how you feel about yourself. The color is how others perceive you. The white room is supposed to represent your feelings on death.


TW:Man, that’s pretty good. Those kind of fit.

RM:Kind of? Intimidating, large, a little scary ... It’s probably a stretch, but I guess I can see that.

Wild Bill Bauer,a comedian who headlined at Goonie’s Comedy Club in 2009 (and died in 2012).

RM:Worst golf shot you’ve ever seen?

WBB:It was one of my own. I hooked a ball off the tee on the Burbank Golf Course. This was a great foursome, too. I was playing with Louie Anderson, Jeff Cesario, and Bill Kirchenbauer, who was on "Just The Ten Of Us" and "Coach." I hooked it like 15 yards into a snake pit. I took the lost ball penalty. Louie said, ‘Aren’t you going to get that ball?’

RM:Speaking of Louie Anderson, is it true you once won his car in a poker game?

WBB:Yes. Now how did you find that out?

RM:I do my research.


WBB:I guess so. That’s a little known fact. Yes, I did. There was about $3,000 in the pot. It was way over everyone’s head. There were a few checks in there, including a bad check for $300 that I had just written. I would never have gone in like that without aces. I would have to have two aces and that’s what I pulled. He had kings.

RM:What kind of car was it?

WBB:It wasn’t new. It was a Cadillac that he had just bought. And I’ll say this about Louie Anderson, he would never welch on a debt. I didn’t want the car, but he made me take it.

Vicki Lawrence,from "The Carol Burnett Show" and "Mama’s Family," who spoke at Power of the Purse in 2011.

RM:Best Vicki Lawrence song ever?

VL:Well, I only have the one.

RM:What? You have a bunch of songs.

VL:I only have one hit. "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia."


RM:No. It’s "He Did With Me."

VL:Oh no it’s not!

RM:What? That’s a good song.

VL:No. "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia" was my only hit.

RM:About that. So you killed your brother’s wife and her lover, but nothing ever happened to that Amos boy, Seth?

VL:I guess not. We need a diagram of the song plot. When I heard back in the early ‘80s that they were going to make a movie based on the song I said, this is hysterical, I have to be sure and watch. Because I’m not even sure what happened. I want to see what they think happened.

RM:My coworker didn’t believe you sang that. She thought it was Helen Reddy.

VL:Helen Reddy! That’s not even a good guess.

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