Rochester Magazine:You’re shorter than I imagined.

B:That’s how you’re going to open this? By teasing a grizzly bear?

RM:I guess you’re right. Remember the time you walked into a bar and said, "I’ll have a ... a .... a ... beer"?

B:I’m not old enough to drink!

RM: Oh. And the bartender said, "Why the long pause?"

B:I’m only 1.5 years old!

RM:And then you said, "Because I’m a bear."


RM:Because you thought he meant "paws." ... Anyway. In early April of this year, the Grizzlies [Rochester’s Junior Hockey team] announced that you had been deemed "too aggressive" and "too violent" for kids, and that you’d be changed to "feature a smile, and would not wear hockey equipment any longer, but rather full medical scrubs and a stethoscope to honor the rich medical tradition in Rochester."

B:It was April Fools! I’m literally a grizzly bear … we are not exactly known for being warm and fuzzy.

RM:Do you "spend inordinate amounts of time ripping through the earth and tearing apart rotted logs in search of roots, plant bulbs, insects, rodents, and other grubs?"

B:No, I prefer to rip through things like opposing teams! I’ve given up the forest life. Now I prefer things like tacos … and pizza … and bacon cheeseburgers …. Anyone else hungry?

RM:Dumbest questions you get asked during a game?

B:Am I a boy bear or girl bear?

RM:So, next question. Unrelated topic. Are you a boy bear or girl bear?

B:I am a boy bear!

RM:I’ve seen kids get scared of you at games. Does that bother you?

B:Scared of me? No way! I’m a teddy bear!

RM:My uncle was killed by a group of bears.


RM:They were Gummi, but still...

B:That’s definitely a sticky situation. But probably delicious.

RM:Tell me about a fan that has meant a lot to you.

B:A young man by the name of Marcus Tolbert, an eight-year old who was waiting for a double lung transplant and who was a HUGE Grizzlies fan. He recently passed away and that hit everyone on our team hard. He was truly a fighter and a big inspiration to our team.

RM:Where are you from?

B:I come from a long line of mascot-trained bears. My big brother is Bruiser from the Austin Bruins. We were both raised and trained by the master, Hans Furbottom.

RM:Hey! That was my nickname in high school! ... So, it seems like the winter hockey schedule would mess with your hibernation.

B:I’m what’s known as a reverse hibernator. I sleep during the summer months and am awake for hockey season!

RM:You make a lot of community appearances. Any favorites?

B:We love visiting the schools in Rochester, but I have a special place in my heart for the Ronald McDonald House.

RM:Favorite restaurant meal?

B:Unattended children at Rochester Grizzlies games when I haven’t had my pregame meal.

RM:Do you know other area mascots, like Slider (the Honkers mascot) or Sting (the RCTC yellowjacket) or that Statue of Liberty person who stands outside the tax place?

B:First rule of mascot club is you don’t talk about mascot club.

RM:You’re the second staffer of the Grizzlies to be a "10 (or so) Questions." Here’s a hint on the first: Their worst fashion era was "Stonewashed Jordache jeans with Voit tennis shoes. Then of course pins and rolling (for the pant cuffs)." Who was that?

B:Brian Schulz, our president. I’m pretty sure he still wears Jordache jeans. Cutoff.

RM:What if I told you it was was Chris Ratzloff?

B:I love Coach Ratzloff. To be fair, I think pegged jeans and jellies should make a comeback.

RM:Actually, it was your announcer, Jeff Boehmer.

B:Jeff has more hair on his face than I do!

RM:Cheesy psych quiz. Give me your favorite animal and three adjectives to describe it.

B:Lions: Powerful. Stealthy. Fearless.

RM:Second favorite animal and three adjectives to describe it.

B:Tigers: Fierce. Cunning. Nimble.

RM:I see where this is going. Third favorite animal and three adjectives to describe it.

B:Bears … oh my. Aggressive. Relentless. Intelligent.

RM:OK. Your favorite animal represents how you think others see you. You said "Powerful. Stealthy. Fearless." Your second animal is how you see yourself. You said "Fierce. Cunning. Nimble." And your third animal is how you really want to be. You said "Aggressive. Relentless. Intelligent." Honestly, those are the most self-confident answers I’ve ever gotten to that quiz.

B:Most people think grizzly bears are just lethal on land, but we are a terror on the ice as well.

RM:Quick, what’s 13 squared?


RM:Hey, why the long pause?

B:Because I’m a bear.