They're the taco the town

Six of your top taco joints (and we keep saying “taco” to get your attention). You voted. We ate tacos. Taco. Taco.

Six of your top taco joints
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Ta co JED

Where: 808 South Broadway (they also have a food truck); 507-258-9064;

Steve? JED? Taco JED is owned by Steve Dunn, so you might be wondering where the name JED came from. It is actually the initials for the same name Steve’s great grandfather, grandfather, and father shared: Joseph Edward Dunn.

Their food truck also serves as their catering home: So you can bring JED’s mouth-watering, hand-crafted tacos to your special event. Tacos like The Flower Child (cauliflower, pickled red onion, spicy aioli, feta cheese and cilantro in a flour tortilla with melted mozzarella).


Like tunes with your tacos? Taco JED features live, local music most Friday and Saturday nights from 7-9 p.m.


Tap House

Where: 10 3rd St SW; 507-258-4017;

Like your tacos with a view? Then the Tap House roof-top patio is the perfect place to munch tasty tacos and sip a blackberry mojito.

And it really is one of the “Best Seats in the House”: We picked the seat at the rooftop bar as one of the best spots in Rochester back in 2018. “We have a nano window on the second floor that opens up to the rooftop patio,” co-owner Natalie Victoria told us. “On the other side of the window is a small, six-seat granite bar. When sitting at that bar, you’re at an elevated position, so it gives you a bird’s eye view of the second floor as well as the Rochester skyline. There’s a fireplace behind the seats—it’s really quite cozy and private.”

Ready for a Taco Tuesday? The Tap House serves five types of tacos—fish, shrimp, chicken, Loco, and veggie—for half price every Tuesday, or get a 10-taco, to-go box.



Taco Moreno

Where: It’s a taco truck, so it’s mobile (though it’s often at 1451 12th St. SE); 507-358-5986;

Two decades? Already? With a truck bedazzled in colorful string lights and named “La Burra” (The Mule), Taco Moreno has been a shining beacon for Rochester’s late-night taco (and burrito, and bean soup) lovers for nearly 20 years.

Here’s our favorite: A quartet of the tender and frequently recommended steak tacos makes a full meal. The lime wedge and spicy hot sauce on the side are the perfect additions to the cilantro-slathered treats.

Car wash, taco, snow cone: Perfect for a late, Friday-night snack, the blue and red neon spilling out of the nearby carwash lends the taco truck a party atmosphere. The snow cone stand usually parked nearby doesn’t hurt either. And you can wander a bit: They’ll call your name with a bullhorn.


Lucy’s Tacos near the intersection of 12th Street Southeast and Marion Road in Rochester on Wednesday, May 4, 2017.

Lucy’s Tacos

Where: It’s a taco truck, so it’s mobile (though it’s often at 1880 N. Broadway); 507-398-5163;

We also dream of tacos: In 2015, Lucy Hernandez, from Torreon, Mexico, had the dream of opening her own business. She turned her dream into a successful taco stand that same year.

Better life, better tacos: Hernandez came to Rochester from Los Angeles in 2005 to make a better life for her son, Jessy, and herself, she told the Post Bulletin when she opened her stand in 2015. Hernandez started by working in food trucks in L.A., and she now has roughly 20 years in the business.

Crispy and fresh: If street tacos with slightly crispy tortillas and some heat in the sauce are what you’re after, it’s your lucky day. And while the stand itself is decorated with a ‘50s cruiser and a poodle skirt-wearing dame, there’s nothing outdated about the ingredients—everything is made fresh on site.

Vampiritos tacos from Corona's Tacos Monday, July 26, 2021, in Rochester. (Joe Ahlquist /

Corona’s Tacos

Where: It’s a taco truck, so it’s mobile (though it’s often at 7 12th St. SE—and they also have a spot inside the First Avenue Food Court); 507-513-3464;

It’s all about family: Opened in July 2017 by husband-and-wife Jesus Corona and Leticia Sanchez, Corona’s Tacos is all about family. You might spot the co-owner’s children Marylin and Ariel Corona or Diego and Danna Sanchez putting the perfect amount of crisp cilantro on a marinated pork taco.

Tacos! Year Round! Corona’s serves up to 400 customers a day, and these customers begged—begged!—the Coronas to keep making tacos, even in winter. So they did. Recently, Corona’s expanded into the First Avenue Food Court.

Salsa. And salsa: Carnitas tacos at Corona’s make you feel like dancing. That’s because the co-owners fell in love while dancing with a local salsa club.

216 First Ave. SW 507-289-1949 Who’s in the mood for a tantalizingly delicious taco duo? Hefe is serving up some yummy ones—grilled chicken or pulled-pork carnitas. We recommend the pork, which is lovingly brined and smoked in-house for 32 hours before being shredded and bedded inside two 6-inch-round tacos. Wash these down with an Enforcer Margarita, which is made with freshly pressed and squeezed lime juice, El Tesoro tequila, and Tattersall orange bitters. Music and seating is abundant near this tent, so find a cozy spot and indulge.

Hefe Rojo

Where: 216 1st Ave. SW; 507-289-1949;

Lobster claw! Fried avocado! Mix and match 10 types of tacos in this joint. With options like lobster claw and fried avocado, there are many sophisticated combinations. Gluten-free and vegetarian options provide something for everyone.

That’s a lot of tequila: There’s no fear of running low on tequila here. Hefe Rojo carries more than 30 varieties behind the purple-velvet-covered bar stools. Try a specialty margarita, like The Pale Ryder with its hint of orange crema.

The art of tacos: Hefe Rojo is a work of art. Rochester tattooist Matt Holt created Dia de los Muertos-inspired murals for both the secluded courtyard seating and the restaurant’s interior.

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