Tonic Sol-Fa, the groundbreaking a cappella ensemble from Minnesota, will be performing December 19 at Rochester’s Mayo Civic Center. The performance is part of the group’s Nights Before Christmas Tour. The all-ages show will feature the quartet’s iconic humor and soulful vocals that make the holiday tour a tradition for so many.

Tonic Sol-Fahas established itself as one of the most in-demand vocal groups in the Midwest. What started with performances at festivals and private shows across the region, has led to sold-out theaters and small arenas. The artists agree that Rochester and the Mayo Civic Center have been one of their favorite stops for many years.

Since their humble beginnings at St. John’s University in Central Minnesota, the group has overcome many obstacles to become one of America’s favorite independent acts.

The quartet, which was named after a system of naming the notes of the scale (do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, da), has worked hard to bring their rich and entertaining vocal act to the masses. This included recording and manufacturing their own records and selling their music in theater lobbies after performances, online, through social networking sites, and via the group’s growing national distribution.

Tonic Sol-Fa has received many awards and nominations for their performances, including an Emmy award, multiple Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards and National Association of Collegiate Activities Entertainer of the Year nominations.

During the 2019 holiday tour, concertgoers will enjoy a mix of holiday favorites and original songs, all with Tonic Sol-fa’s one-of-a-kind arrangements and style. Attendees will also be able to purchase Tonic Sol-Fa’s latest album, "All For One," which is being released during the tour. The ensemble’s two limited edition CD collections: "Playlist," which includes all of the group’s recorded non-holiday music and "MixTape," which is a collection of the group’s holiday music will also be available.

Visit the Mayo Civic Center website for more information or tickets.