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Not smiling because of crooked teeth?

King Crooked Teeth

What is the most common orthodontic problem you encounter?

The most common problem I encounter is crowded, crooked teeth. Crowding results when the jawbone is not large enough to accommodate all of the teeth in their natural, straight positions. As a result, teeth grow in twisted, sideways, angled, tipped and sometimes do not grow in at all. Crowding can occur at any age and the solution is the same regardless.

The concept is simple —find a way to make more room for the crowded teeth. Sometimes I can expand the jaws to make the amount of space available increase. Other times, teeth need to be removed to make more room. I decide on the proper treatment by analyzing the patient’s facial proportions, facial profile, lip posture, angle of the front teeth, and interdigitation of the back teeth. There is always a “best solution” to provide a beautiful and healthy smile!

If I have crooked teeth, how do I get started?

Give King Orthodontics a call to schedule a free and informative initial consultation or second opinion. At your examination I will provide a panoramic x-ray, a complete diagnosis, and all of your treatment options. . . in a clear, easy-to-understand way! Also, I will estimate how long your treatment will take. My fast and friendly orthodontic assistants will review your insurance benefit, payment plan options, and all of the steps involved in achieving the beautiful smile you deserve!

Why choose King Orthodontics?

With over 20 years of experience, King Orthodontics has been a long time trusted provider of beautiful smiles in South Central Minnesota! I take great pride in combining clinical efficiency and precision with a best fee guarantee. This means you’ll get exceptional, uncompromising results, at an affordable and reasonable fee - it’s what we are known for!

I am the only doctor at all of our locations. This will provide you with optimal continuity of care. I genuinely get to know you and your family. My outstanding staff and I truly care and will work diligently to create a fun experience and a beautiful smile for you!

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