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Rest Assured

Finding a custom mattress can be a lot of work, especially one that has a unique shape or size. If you’re looking for a mattress for a boat, camper or fishing house, for example, you either have to play the guessing game with custom choices online or try to make do with what’s available in stores. Neither option is ideal.

But for those in the Rochester, Minnesota area, there is an alternative: Rest Assured Mattress Company. Since 1991, Rest Assured has offered handmade custom mattresses in any shape or size someone might need – and they don’t have to sacrifice comfort to get it. Liz Timmerman, who’s been involved with the family business for nearly 10 years, says, “When you go custom, your mattress is not only going to fit better, but it’s going to feel better, too.”

Why So Many People Are Looking To Custom Mattresses

 Comfort is one of the main problems that shoppers looking for a unique mattress run into. You might be able to order the size you need somewhere online, but often the quality doesn’t hold up. Not to mention, you can’t try it out first.

“It’s important to choose a mattress that’s right for your body,” explains Timmerman. “Do you like it firm or soft? What’s your preferred sleeping position? To find the perfect one, we encourage customers to walk around the floor and check out all the different mattresses. We can then customize the one they choose to the exact dimensions they need.”

Because their mattresses are so customizable, they can be made to fit any of the following:

  • Campers, motor homes, fifth wheels, etc.
  • Ice shacks and fishing houses
  • Boat frames, including six-sided designs with angled edges
  • Bunks
  • Semi-trucks
  • And much, much more

But oftentimes, people will settle for a mattress that doesn’t fit. They might end up cutting it to make it work, or simply use it as-is. Timmerman points to antique bed frames as a great example of this. “Antique bed frames are usually slightly smaller than a Full. But what we’ve found is that people are using a Full mattress anyway, which can damage the mattress or even the bed rails.”

Going Custom Is Surprisingly Fast, Easy and Affordable  

Shoppers will be relieved to know that getting a custom mattress isn’t as expensive as one might think. According to Timmerman, you can pick out the materials you want based on your individual price point and lifestyle. She says that some people want a high-quality pocketed coil mattress that’s really going to last, while others opt for a more affordable, yet still comfortable, foam mattress.

It comes down to who’s going to sleep on the mattress and how often. Whether you go with a coil, foam or hybrid option, all of Rest Assured's mattresses are handmade from quality materials you wouldn’t see at chain stores. For instance, their team uses durable precompressed coils to prevent body indentations and maximize comfort.

In addition, Rest Assured also lets you decide whether you want a flip or no-flip mattress, and whether or not you want to add a plush pillow top cushion for extra comfort. Because all of their mattresses are made on-site in a single location, you can expect to see the finished product – complete with a warranty guarantee – ready to go and delivered to you in as little as one to two weeks. Curious about how your mattress will be made? You can even take a tour of the facility.

Stop By Rest Assured Mattress Company Today

If you’re searching for a mattress with a unique shape or size, visit Rest Assured Mattress Company to see what’s available. They’re located at 4151 E Frontage Rd in Rochester, MN 55901. If you have any questions about their custom mattress capabilities, visit Rest Assured online or give them a call at 507-289-4083.

Rest Assured

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