Amateur update: In Rochester, the sports business is booming

For us living in Minnesota, the cold-weather months create a lot of indoor sports activities.

We see an amazing number of events for wrestling, basketball, hockey, volleyball, swimming and more held throughout our community during the first quarter of the year.

We talk tournament time in Minnesota with high school tournaments that each have their respective weekends – crowning state champion teams and individuals in each. Rochester also has its own tournament time – and it means big business for the local hospitality industry.

The amateur sports business in Rochester has just produced the largest single three-month period in history. A recent barrage of regional and state youth tournaments have each had a hand in bringing over 15,000 hotel room rentals and over 50,000 unique visitors to Rochester!

Recognition of this feat should be directed towards the leadership and volunteers of our local sports bodies. The Clash Committee, Rochester Community Youth Basketball Association, Rochester Youth Hockey, Northland Youth Wrestling, Rochester Youth Volleyball, MN USA Wrestling and Rochester Swim Clubs Orcas and Med City Aquatics give of their time and talents to see quality events are held annually in Rochester. Growth of these events and the addition of new ones have created the record numbers.


At the Sports Commission we attempt to act as a resource and partner for each of these groups, as well as serve as event directors where needed. It takes the efforts of many to see such a benefit to the community.

To continue to grow the numbers we need to figure out how to sustain these numbers at times other than "tournament time." Summer business has now grown thanks to the increase in quality outdoor tournaments in sports such as baseball, softball, lacrosse, soccer and more. Our number of events in these sports are up significantly also.

The Sports Commission tracks all sports-related visitors annually and sets a new goal each year. This goal has increased each year of the Sports Commission's existence. To date, we are at 51% of the 2015 annual goal…25% into the year.

Our sales listing of potential events is also at a record high with numerous new opportunities to host future events. Adding new events in 2016 and beyond, coupled with an already growing sports event calendar, confirms the hosting of amateur sports events is a business and that is not only very healthy now – but looking even better into the future!

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