Auto Racing: Beyenhof is a first-time winner at Deer Creek

SPRING VALLEY — Nick Beyenhof took advantage of a caution early and pulled away from some of the top Wissota Late Model drivers in the area to earn his first career feature victory at Deer Creek Speedway on Saturday.

Beyenhof went from sixth to third place on Lap 1 and took over second place four laps later. Eight laps into the 25-lap feature, Justin Sass had motor issues, causing the first caution of the race and handing the lead to Beyenhof. He jumped out to a big lead on the restart and never relinquished it.

Brandon Davis won the USRA Modifieds feature, a week after blowing away the field in the USMTS Modifieds A Main on Memorial Day weekend. Former track champion Adam Hensel was the big mover of the night. He started 23rd and finished eighth.

Other feature winners Saturday were Jeff Brauer (Wissota Super Stocks), Jared Boumeester (Wissota Midwest Modifieds), Mike Blowers (Wissota Street Stocks) and Jacob Bleess (USRA B-Modifieds).

Rain hits Chateau


Three features that were rained out on Memorial Day weekend at Chateau were made up on Friday, but that's where the program was stalled as heavy rains forced cancellation of the regularly scheduled show.

Jason Born (Wissota Midwest Modifieds), Kylie Kath (USRA B-Modifieds) and Cole Lonergan (Pure Stocks) all won features that were not able to be completed on May 24.

But, after just one heat race in Friday's regularly scheduled races, the rest of the show was wiped out. Ticket stubs and pit wristbands will be honored for the show on Friday, June 7. On Thursday, the USMTS will return to Chateau to run its make-up B Mains and A Main that were rained out on May 24. USRA B-Modifieds and USRA Stock Cars will also run on Thursday.




Feature — 1. Brandon Davis, 2. Jason Cummins, 3. Brad Waits, 4. Tommy Myer, 5. Nate Wasmund, 6. Kelly Shryock, 7. Adam Hensel, 8. Bob Timm, 9. Tim Donlinger, 10. Josh Angst.

Heat winners— Waits, Shryock, Todd Scharkey.



Feature — 1. Nick Beyenhof, 2. Lance Matthees, 3. Mike Prochnow, 4. Kyle Jumbeck, 5. Nate Beyenhof, 6. Joe Ludemann, 7. Jerry Bloom, 8. Nick Kramer, 9. Lucas Peterson, 10. Dennis Hillson.

Heat winners— Nick Beyenhof, Justin Sass.


Feature — 1. Jeff Brauer, 2. Kelly Anderson, 3. Brian Fetting, 4. Kevin Hager, 5. Josh Bartel, 6. Ryan Henderson, 7. Dave Solum, 8. Brandon Duellman, 9. Andrew Bleess, 10. Harlan Morehart.

Heat winners— Anderson, Tommy Richards.


Feature — 1. Jared Boumeester, 2. Dustin Scott, 3. Mike Mehling, 4. Greg Pfeifer Jr., 5. Jason Born, 6. Mitch Weiss, 7. Josh Crary, 8. Ryan Hensel, 9. Bobby Saterdalen, 10. Tim Myhre.


Heat winners— Scott, Crary.


Feature — 1. Mike Blowers, 2. Danny Richards, 3. Shaun Mann, 4. Danny Hanson, 5. Kory Adams, 6. Fred Prudoehl, 7. Nick Schwebach, 8. Andrew Lokenvitz, 9. AJ Zvorak, 10. Karl Hewitt Jr.

Heat winners— Hanson, K. Adams.


Feature — 1. Jacob Bleess, 2. Erik Kanz, 3. Cole Queensland, 4. Dan Wheeler, 5. Alex Williamson, 6. Scott Demmer, 7. Brandon Hare, 8. Ben Moudry, 9. Kylie Kath, 10. Shaun Walski.

Heat winners— Kath, Brady Keefe, Walski.

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