Auto racing: Franklin captures third straight feature

LANSING — Racing action returned to Chateau Raceway after a one week break under perfect conditions.

LANSING — Racing action returned to Chateau Raceway after a one week break under perfect conditions.

The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds was the Robbie Franklin show once again. Jeremy Misgen led off of row one and led Franklin for quite a few laps. They had a tight battle from laps seven through twelve until Franklin made the pass in the low groove on lap 13. From there Franklin checked out for his third straight win and his fourth of the season.

Franklin is also the track's qualifier for the AMSOIL Race Of Champions to be held at the Speedway Motors WISSOTA 100. Misgen's fine run ended in a second-place finish with Bryan Hernandez in third. Jayme Hiller came home in fourth and Jake Stark finished fifth.

• Todd Scharkey absolutely dominated the French's Repair and USRA Modified 25-lap feature. Scharkey started outside of row one and led from start to finish for his fourth win of the season.

Pat Graham ran second until he broke on lap 17. Jacob Dahle had a good late race run to finish second with Joe Horgdal, Darwyn Karau and Doug Hillson in the top five.


• Keith Weber led the Pure Stocks out of the gate and was dogged by Brady Krohnberg early on. Krohnberg would keep things tight up front until he spun to the infield on lap six. That allowed Weber to speed away for his second win of the season. Brandon Shaner would fend off Matt Brooks for second while Stacy Krohnberg was fourth and Brady Kronhberg came back to finish fifth.

• Josh Mattick took off from row one in the B-Mod feature. Brad Minkse got turned into the backstretch wall on lap two and at the same time Mattick slowed in turn four to end his night. Taylor Ovrebo took the lead at that point with Mark Wytaske and A.J. Zvorak in pursuit. Everyone kept an eye on Kylie Kath who took the Brew Pub Pizza Challenge and drove from last to fifth in four laps.

A yellow on lap five would tighten up the field and Wytaske drove past Ovrebo to take the lead. Kath got by Zvorak for third on lap seven and then passed Ovrebo for second on the ninth circuit. Another caution came out and that put Kath on Wytaske's bumper for the restart and it looked like the bonus might be claimed for the first time.

Kath gave a good drive to challenge Wytaske but spun on lap 15 and lost a lot of ground. Wytaske would win his second in a row with Ovrebo second. Kadden Kath finished in third while Ryan Stebbins was fourth and Taylor Ausrud rounded out the top five.

• Tony Shaner led the WISSOTA Street Stock feature, but it got off to a rough start when Derek Kilby spun on lap one and collected Brent Holland, Kory Adams, Jason Barber and Kyle King. The race resumed with Shaner being hounded by Noah Grinstead and Tyler Peterson. After a quick yellow, Grinstead started to apply heavy pressure on Shaner for the lead.

Jason Barber drove to third and while Grinstead battled Shaner for the lead and led lap five, Barber got into huge trouble on lap six. Going into turn three, Barber got into the wall and proceeded to climb it and launch high in the air and up and out of the racetrack while a stunned crowd looked on. The red flag came out and track officials quickly went to Barber's aid outside of turn three. Barber escaped from his car and jumped up on the wall to let everyone know he was uninjured.

When the race got back underway, Grinstead led and Tyler Peterson got to second. Grinstead led the rest of the way despite Peterson's persistent challenges for the lead. Grinstead's win qualifies him for the AMSOIL Race Of Champions in Huron, South Dakota next month. Shaner would end up third with Kory Adams fourth and Kyle King in fifth.

• The Hornets had another exciting finish in their feature race. Ralph Hanks led the majority of the 12-lap race, but 12-year old Bobby Blowers passed him on the final lap to take his fourth win of the season.


Chateau Speedway results

USRA Modified

Feature— Todd Scharkey, Jacob Dahle, Joe Horgdal, Darwyn Karau, Doug Hillson, Greg Jensen, Dennis Hillson, Pat Graham, Damon Haslip, Jim King.

Heat winners— Scharkey, Dahle.

WISSOTA Midwest Modified

Feature— Robbie Franklin, Jeremy Misgen, Bryan Hernandez, Jayme Hiller, Jake Stark, Kobie Kath, Luke Hainka, Darryl Hainka, Channing Warner.

Heat winner— Franklin.

WISSOTA Street Stock


Feature— Noah Grinstead, Tyler Peterson, Tony Shaner, Kory Adams, Kyle King, Bernie Adams, Brent Holland, Derek Kilby, Jim Connors, Jason Barber, Mike Blowers.

Heat winners— Peterson, K.Adams.


Feature — Mark Wytaske, Taylor Ovrebo, Kadden Kath, Ryan Stebbins, Taylor Ausrud, A.J. Zvorak, Lylie Kath, A.J. Johnston, Morgan Schrage, Josh Ihlenfeld, Blake Arndt, Tanner Johnston, Josh Mattick, Brad Minske, Jack Koster, David Henderson.

Heat winners— Zvorak, Kylie Kath.

Pure Stock

Feature — Keith Weber, Brandon Shaner, Matt Brooks, Stacy Krohnberg, Brady Krohnberg, Jason Newkirk, Anna Brouwers, Matt Miller, Alan Schmidt, Paul Kroneman, Daniel Klingfus, Bob Schoenfelder.

Heat winners— Schoenfelder, Brooks.



Feature — Bobby Blowers, Ralph Hanks, Patrick Wells, Matthew Misgen, Nick Sillman, Jesse Baer.

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