As cases in Minnesota are on the rise, the Twins received their second COVID-19 test within the week a day after manager Rocco Baldelli had a scare of his own.

Baldelli, who received a false positive test result on Thursday, said someone within their travel party had tested positive for the virus on Friday but did not reveal who it was after Friday’s loss to the Angels.

As a result, some members of the group who have been within close contact of the individual will be quarantining at the team hotel for the time being. Everyone’s test aside from that individual’s had come back negative.

“The rest of the group that was within close proximity of this person, some of our group is here right now and is still functioning and is fine but we’re going to do everything we can to stay outdoors as much as we can, stay out of the clubhouse as much as we can,” Baldelli said.

The Twins first saw COVID-19 enter their environment earlier this week when shortstop Andrelton Simmons received a positive test result on Tuesday night. Simmons did not make the trip to Anaheim with the team, and everyone on the Twins had been cleared on Wednesday and Thursday.

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Not without scares, though.

For nearly two hours Thursday morning ahead of the Twins’ game with the Red Sox, Baldelli sat isolated in his office at Target Field after receiving news of his own positive COVID-19 test.

“Time moves at a different pace when you’re told you tested positive for COVID,” he said a day later.

Baldelli wasn’t the only one, either — another staff member also received a positive result — creating a worrisome situation for the Twins. During that time, Baldelli took three to four more tests, all of which turned out negative, and worked on contingency plans for if he wasn’t able to travel to California.

“For most of the morning, it was actually the thought of planning exactly how this was going to work, potentially not going on the road trip, who was going to take over different roles as several people would have changed roles on the trip,” he said.

Baldelli, who was unable to participate in his normal pregame media session Thursday, was cleared shortly before game time. The Twins have not named a bench coach following the passing of Mike Bell last month, but managerial duties likely would have gone to major league coach Bill Evers if Baldelli had been sidelined. Baldelli said earlier in the week that if he were to ever get ejected, Evers would be the one to take over.

As the Twins work to avoid further spread of the virus, Baldelli said they will be taking extra precautions. A majority of the group received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on April 8 but they have yet to hit the two-week post-vaccine mark where they would have reached the full immunity the shot provides.

“We’re going to be a little extra careful in ways that we can and go from there,” Baldelli said.