Bighead carp keep moving north

Five bighead carp were captured in the St. Croix River in the past week, just south of Stillwater near the Xcel Energy Allen S. King power plant, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

This is the furthest upstream invasive carp have been detected in the St. Croix, and is about 7 miles north of the previous point. Prior to these captures, four bighead carp have been taken in the St. Croix River, dating back to 1996.

The DNR and anglers caught the fish.

"The DNR thanks the anglers who have reported the capture of bighead carp and have sent photos so they could be immediately verified," said Nick Frohnauer, DNR invasive fish coordinator. "Knowing these details allowed our invasive carp crew to do follow up sampling in a timely manner."

The DNR responded with intensive sampling in an effort to determine if more invasive carp are in the area. DNR staff set additional gill nets and conducted electrofishing. Additionally, they are working with a contracted commercial fishing operator to seine a large bay.


Silver and bighead carp are two of four species of invasive carp threatening the Mississippi River and other native ecosystems. They can grow to 60 pounds, impacting the base of the food chain by consuming large amounts of plankton relied on by native fish.

Populations of bighead and silver carp are established in the Mississippi River and its tributaries from southern Iowa northward. While bighead and silver carp have been found as far north as Hastings, there is no evidence bighead or silver carp are reproducing in the Minnesota waters of the Mississippi or St. Croix rivers.

The DNR reminds anyone who catches a bighead, silver, black, or grass carp to immediately contact the DNR at 888-646-6367 or Do not release the fish. Take a photo, and store the fish until it can be delivered to the DNR.

Fish for free

The annual Take-A-Kid Fishing Weekend is Friday through Sunday. Anglers 16 and older don't need a fishing license if they are with a youth who is 15 or younger.

Hunting rules change?

Changes the Department of Natural Resources is considering in hunting regulations:

• Reducing the bag limit for white-tailed jack rabbits from the current daily combined limit of 10 to one. This would not affect the bag limit on cottontail rabbits or snowshoe hares.


• Increasing the small game possession limit on all species (except turkeys) to three times the daily limit. Currently some species are two times the daily limit, while others are three times.

Anyone interested in the potential changes can give input through June 19, online at, or in writing to DNR Section of Wildlife, 500 Lafayette Road, St. Paul, 55155-4007.

Fishing contest winners

National Trout Center fishing contest winners from the past weekend: Jeff Strahl of Preston won with a brown weighing a little more than 4 pounds and measuring 23 inches; second place went to Gary Faber of Austin and third to Doug Kessel of Lanesboro.

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