Boys swimming: Mayo wins Section 1AA True Team title

HASTINGS — In a meet decided on the final event, Mayo captured the Section One, Class AA True Team meet in boys swimming and diving on Saturday.

HASTINGS — In a meet decided on the final event, Mayo captured the Section One, Class AA True Team meet in boys swimming and diving on Saturday.

As a result the Spartans have qualified for the Class AA True Team State Meet on Jan. 24.

Century held a one-point lead in the six-team meet heading into the final event, the 400 freestyle relay.

Mayo had relays that placed fifth, ninth, 11th and 12th in the 400 freestyle relay as the Spartans rallied to win with 887 points. Hastings was second overall with 857 points and Century slipped to third with 836 points.

"True Team favors large teams by concept and Century just didn't have the depth to enter four relays in the last event as allowed," Century coach Linda Freeman said.


Century had won both the 200 medley and 200 freestyle relay events. The Panthers also received individual wins from Alex Kofler in both the 50 freestyle and 100 breaststroke, Jason Tri in the 200 IM and Will Cima in the 100 butterfly. Kopler and Tri were also on both winning relays while Cima was on the winning medley relay.

Mayo did not have any individual winners.

John Marshall chose not to compete in the meet.


Team scores

1. Mayo 887, Hastings 875, Century 836, Farmington 751.5, Winona 584.5, Owatonna 504

Individual results

200 medley relay:1 Century (Jason Tri, Alex Kofler, Will Cima, Jack Ommen) 1:43.02. 4. Mayo (Elie Mer, Trevor Pfizenmaier, Jack Wood, Franco Lanzino) 1:49.70, 6. Century (Matt Strom, Jerry He, Sam Hayward, Josh Larson) 1:52.35, 8. Mayo (Mitchell Michaletz, Alex Zhang, William Yang, Calbe Van Loon) 1:54.35.


200 freestyle:1. Jack VanZee (H) 1:49.74, 2. Will Cima (C) 1:53.51, 3. Sam Hayward (C) 1:53.63, 4. Jerry He (C) 1:57.10, 5. Jack Wood (M) Tri 1:58.29, 6. Brendan Chan (M) 1:58.57.

200 IM:1. Jason Tri (C) 2:02.20, 5. Franco Lanzino (M) 2:0.65, 7. Yadav Aahish (M) 2:14.65, 8. Ben Johnson (M) 2:14.84.

50 freestyle:1. Alex Kofler (C) 22.19, 4. Jack Ommen (C) 23.17, 7. Elie Mer (M) 24.21.

Diving:Vova Tipler (H) 433.85, 4. Austin Castro (M) 268.25, 8. Ray Larsen (C) 225.85.

100 butterfly:1. Will Cima (C) 55.14, 2. Jason Tri (C) 55.52, 7. Franco Lanzino (M) 59.47.

100 freestyle:1. EJ Cohner (W) 50.26, 3. Jerry He (C) 52.25, 6. Kevin Meng-Lin (C) 54.14.

500 freestyle:1. Jack VanZee (H) 4:57.03, 2. Sam Hayward 5:01.68, 4. Caleb Van Loon (M) 5:19.45, 5. Brendan Chen (M) 5:24.53), 8. Richard Roden (M) 5:29.01.

200 free relay:Century (Jason Tri, Josh Larson, Jerry He, Alex Kofler) 1:34.60, 2. Century (Jack Ommen, Will Cima, Hunter Gallagher, Sam Hayward) 1:35.67, 6. Mayo (Elie Mer, Aahish Yadav, Franco Lanzino, Brendan Chen) 1:38.77, 8. Mayo (Mitchell Mechaletz, Peyton Schneider, Sam Pacchetti, Trevor Pfizenmaier) 1:41.61.


100 backstroke:1. Jack Weldon (H) 59.62, 3. Mitchell Michaletz (M) 1:02.85, 5. Elie Mer (M) 1:03.77, 8. Matt Strom (C) 1:04.76.

100 breaststroke:1. Alex Kofler (C) 1:02.45, 3. Trevor Pfizenmaier (M) 1:06.76, 6. Kevin Meng-Lin 1:09.46, 8. Aahish Yadav (M) 1:10.04.

400 free relay:5. Mayo (Jack Wood, Brendan Chen, Caleb Van Loon, Aahish Yadav) 3:36.67, 7. Century (Eli Church, Jake Nelson, Matt Grosbach, Jeremiah Holabird) 3:47.98.

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