Community Sports for Nov. 5

Registration for all three youth wrestling groups in Rochester is coming up in the near future.


Teams being formed for 2015 SMV season

Southern Minnesota Volleyball is forming teams for the 2015 season. Girls or boys in 4-6 grades can register online now for the 12 Gold teams.

For 7-12 graders, there will be tryouts Sunday at the National Volleyball Center. For further information, go to or call 507-328-5201.

SMV TRYOUT SCHEDULES (tryouts are at the National Volleyball Center):


• 12 year-olds do not have tryouts. Online registration until teams are filled.

• 17-18 Black and Maroon tryouts are Sunday from 9 a.m.-noon.

• 15-16 Black and Maroon tryouts are Sunday from 11 a.m. -2 p.m.

• 13-4's Black and Maroon tryouts are Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m.


Med City hosts age group meet

Med City Aquatics hosted an age group meet Oct. 25-26. Here are the Med City results:

• Logan Atkinson swam in his first ever short course meet and enjoyed picking up a new C time in his 50 back and even a BB in his 50 free.


• Madison Atkinson slashed four and a half seconds off her 50 freestyle for a fancy new B time.

Olivia Atkinson sawed off nearly 4 seconds from her best ever 50 back in a very speedy race.

• Abi Below picked up a B and two new BB times in her 50 breaststroke, 50 free, and 100 IM respectively. She even cut 4 seconds off her 50 breast, wow!

• Nathan Berquist discreetly clipped nearly 2 seconds off his best 50 backstroke. What's more impressive is he's doing it all after breaking his ankle in August! He is our male Swimmer of the Month!

• Ellen Bonacci had some monster drops over the weekend, including a 10 second drop in her 50 free and over 18 seconds in her 100 free.

• Maddie Brand smashed her 50 freestyle by a whopping 11 1/2 seconds and picked up a new C time in the process.

• Asa Bratlien snagged three new BB times along with another B time over the course of the weekend.

Georgia Bratlien was pocketing B times like it was her job. She walked away with four new ones when it was all said and done, two of which came on the backs of 20 second drops!


• Ashleigh Cannon slammed her 200 freestyle with a huge 8 second cut in one of her many impressive races

• Alexa Carlstrom made grabbing new BB times look like taking candy from a baby. Make that five babies, or better yet, five BB times! Dropping about 7 seconds a 50 was awfully impressive.

• Bryn Carlstrom swept up two new A times over the course of the weekend, in both her 100 free and 50 Fly.

• Morgan Davis took a cool 2 seconds off her 50 free, and an even cooler 7 seconds from her best 50 backstroke.

• Michaela Dervin was busy cleaning up time standards all weekend long, including three new B's and two additional BB times.

• Darian Du had a lot of first swims over the weekend, but he had swam the 50 free before and he showed off his improvement with a 3 and a half second best.

• Molly Engel made swimming look easy with three new BB times in her 50 Fly, 50 free, and 100 IM. She even cut nearly 7 seconds off her 100 IM

• Kaybree Ernste thought her 11 second best 50 Fly was a thing of beauty. It absolutely was, it just got overshadowed by her 34 second 100 free beat down!


• Olivia Field had a hay day over the weekend, taking home five new B times and an additional two new C times. One of those B times was an incredible 48 second drop in her 200 freestyle!

• Jared Fry nearly dropped 5 seconds from his very best 50 backstroke.

• Katherine Gau ripped off a 3 second drop in her 50 backstroke for a fresh look on a brand new C time Madeline Gau made out like a bandit as she corralled four new time standards, including three BB's and another A time. She even cut 11 and 12 seconds off her best 100 free and 100 IM times, respectively.

• Remington Gau made some really nice improvements over the weekend, none quite as impressive as his 8 seconds plus that he removed from an older, slower 100 IM

• Sebastian Gau took off to France on a high note, with five new time standards to keep him company. None of which was achieved with less than an impressive 3 second drop

• Amara Geibel had two swims where she dropped over 3 1/2 seconds. One in her 100 free and the other in her speedy 50 Fly.

• Cindy Han crushed her previous best 100 freestyle time by over 18 seconds for a new C time

Drew Hellickson beat down an incredible 2 and a half seconds in his sprint 50 free for a new BB time


Jeremiah Holabird made origami with the list of his old best times. After letting his swan fly, he put some highlights on a new list, including his 5 second best in a 200 IM

• Annika Howard swam in her first-ever meet and had a great time.

• Caitlynn Howard dropped over 4 seconds in both her 100 free and 100 back for a new B and C time each

• Donovan Howard put the hammer down on his 100 freestyle with a monster 30 second drop for one of his two new C times

• Mara Howard grabbed a C time in the 50 backstroke in her first ever swim meet!

• Katie Kasperski dropped nearly 8 seconds in her 50 breaststroke for her very own C time

• Elena Kesselring was slamming 50's left and right over the weekend, including a 10 second drop in her 50 Breast and a 14 second drop in her 50 free. Both for new time standards, a C and BB each

• Josephine Lam picked up a couple new time standards herself, including a new C time in her 100 free and a B time in her 100 backstroke


• Charlie Liu splattered his best 100 IM time by over 15 seconds and also picked up a new C time in the process, one of his five new time standards

• Kyle Ny finally bucked up and registered for his first USA swim meet and boy did it pay off. He left smiling after his 8 new time standards, 4 B's and 4 C's.

• Eva Pankratz picked up six new C times, and four of those were over 17 seconds! One of which was in her 50 fly… a 50!

• Paige Patten was cruising on her way to four new BB times. Her 100 back saw 12 seconds slip away due to excess speed, earning her one of those new standards

• Libby Pennington absolutely cleaned shop at the home meet, taking off with seven new time standards which included a new B, four BB's, and two new A times, all earned only a day after she aged up!

• Ethan Peper cut over a second from his best 50 backstroke and even snagged a C time in his first 50 freestyle.

• Elias Petri jumped out of the water after his 100 Fly with a new Zone time and picked up three new team records in the 50 and 100 free and the 50 Back… enough said.

• Konstantin Petri dropped 9 and 10 seconds in his 100 backstroke and 100 IM for a B and C time, respectively.

• Maria Petri was gulping down water and anything else she could do to get into the wall faster in her 100 IM. As it was, she still grabbed a B time with a huge 18 second cut.

• Octavio Querol took a clean second off his best 50 freestyle time to earn himself a new B time and also go under the magic 30second mark for the first time ever

• Grant Reeves didn't have too bad of a day for himself, in fact, it wasn't an awful weekend on the whole as he walked away with 3 new Zone cuts and two new team records in the 100 and 200 breaststroke.

• Amilia Retzlaff picked up not one, not two, but seven new C times over the home meet weekend. None of which was as impressive as her 11 second cut in her 50 Fly.

• Lily Rittenhouse cut a very impressive 7 seconds from her best 50 backstroke and earned herself a new B time for it.

• Sarah Samman marched off 30 seconds and kicked each one of them to the curb during an incredible 100 freestyle for a new B time.

• Daniel Schimke was thrilled to end up with two new C times after 7 and 5 second drops in both his 100 breast and 100 IM

• Lily Schimke impressively picked up the pace in her 100 breaststroke by over a second from her old best.

• Emma Selig might be starting to enjoy this breaststroke thing after all. She picked up a new BB time in her 50 and grabbed a bonus A time in her 50 back.

• Hannah Selig was struggling with sickness all weekend long, but still managed to grab a new B time in her 100 IM after a new 3 second time drop.

• Noah Smith had some absolutely humungous time drops during the course of the meet. He made his old 50 free look silly with a 32 second cut and then really turned on the turbo boosters with a 62 second 100 free cut. That's over a minute of dropped time!

• Anna Sun sliced 15 seconds off her best 50 free and did it while leading off the 200 freestyle relay. Meanwhile, she also grabbed a C time in her first 50 breaststroke.

• Wendy Sun wasn't messing around when she dove in during her 50 free. She raced away about 3 seconds off her old best and scooped up a C time in the process.

• Sophia Tomlinson looked like a swimming surgeon as she carefully removed a second from her 50 back and another 2 seconds from her 50 free.

• Alex Torgrimson had a very nice weekend that ended with her the owner of two new time standards, a BB in her 100 Breast and an impressive A in her 200 IM.

• Alex Verburg made mincemeat out of his races, walking away with seven new time standards, five of which were BB times.

• Ashley Villar is the recipient of three new C times, one of which came after she took a buzz saw to her 100 backstroke and left the 22 seconds and change behind.

• Hailey Villar had some really impressive time drops over the weekend. Between a 12-second drop in her 50 free, a 19 second cut in the 50 Breast, and a 21 second time slash in her 100 free, she made off with two new BB times and a C as well.

• Anna Walters-Smith's best swim of the day may have been her 11 and a half second time crunch in her 100 breaststroke that earned her a new BB time.

• Avery Werneburg's hard work in practice showed up in a huge way as she left the building with six new BB times! She took off over 28 seconds in her 100 Back, won a new Speedo swim bag, and was our female Swimmer of the Month!

• Manasa Yerriboyina put her hand in a grab bag and pulled out a C time in her first 50 breaststroke. Of course, grab bags are given out only to those who work extremely hard, so keep up the great work!

• Alex Younk went fishing and netted some great looking times instead. He even hooked two C times in his first-ever swim meet.

• Michelle Zheng may finally be learning to compete with confidence! She came back home after the long weekend a B, two BB's, and an A richer than when she'd left.

• Abigail Ziemann was all smiles as usual, grabbing a C time in her first 100 breaststroke and slashing away some huge chunks of time in her 100 free and back for drops of 13 and 18 seconds, respectively.

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